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Marvel Masterworks The X Men Vol 1


I think this was a great ead for when you want to jump back to the fifties which I am not downing at all This is where it all began I was so excited to see where this startedI m not going to go into much detail on what happened in each issue because we all know the drill bad guy trying to taketake over something and then good guys appear and beat them and save the day So I am going over some of the characters that made an appearanceSo the X Men team starts with these charactersProfessor X The man in the wheel chair with telepathic abilitiesThe Beast Hank McCoy Isn t blue but still very ape like Iceman Bobby Drake The youngest of the group and becomes basically a walking snowmanCyclops Slim Scott Summers Has to have his eyes covered all the time because laser eyes sunglasses will do does become the leader while Professor X is awayAngel Warren Worthington III Has big ole angel wingsMarvel Girl Jean Grey Telepathic and told not to strain her powersSo few things 01 Why do all the guys turn to mush about Marvel Girl Have they never seen a girl before02 The language in this comic literally brings me back to the fifties 03 They always explained what they were doing out loud for the eader I am assuming and it was kind of like me yah I know you are doing that because I can see you doing it MAYBE it was because it was the first X Men so it was common sense Or maybe comics weren t big back then so they had to spell it all out I would have to do some esearch on itSome special featuresThor Odinson doesn t have an alter ego because he s a Asgardian and not from Earth He has a hammer that only he can pick upCaptain America Steve Rogers Oh Captain America my favorite avenger The leader of the group and the one with the morals to shoot for Giant Man Hank Pym I m pretty sure this is the same guy that does Ant Man but I don t think that has been made at this point I would love for someone to tell me if I am ight or notWasp Janet van Dyne I have never even heard of this marvel character before She is tiny and can lift eally big things I m pretty sure she shrinks to that size though I don t think she stays that size forever Ka Zar I m not sure if they consider him an X Men but this caveman has a saber toothed tiger Shows up later in the volume not in all of them like the Street-Fighting Years: An Autobiography of the Sixties rest of themAnd of course the villainsMagneto Max Eisenhardt The ability to control metal It was so perfect for the first villain to be Magneto since he is the one that is at the core of a lot of the bag things that happen in the movie sorry I ve watched all the movies beforeeading the comics Let it go His costume is purple and ed and I think it looks kind of sillyThe Vanisher Telford Porter The ability to transport himself hence he vanishes He robs banks and gets a bunch of thugs to be his lackeys He looks like a banks and gets a bunch of thugs to be his lackeys He looks like a in ed I was not a fan The Blob Frederick J Fred Dukes He stands in one place and literally nothing can move him He also can shoot things back at you that you shoot at him They just bounce Haven: A Graphic Novel right off of him He was invited to be an x men but then turned on them and now has it out to destroy them allMagneto then forms his own little group of mutantsToad Mortimer Toynbee He can hopeal big like lol He is actually Physical Basis of the Direction of Time, The. the Frontiers Collection. really disgusting looking and I was not a fan Heeminded me of Renfield from Dracula except Toad is to Magneto He will just do anything he saysMastermind Jason Wyngarde He can manipulate your mind So he makes you see something that is not eally there or HE CAN ERASE A MEMORY OR PUT A MEMORY can erase a memory or put a memory your head He was a complete jerkScarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff I can honestly say I do not know the extent of her power All I know is that she has trouble controlling it Wikipedia says The Scarlet Witch can tap into mystic energy for eality altering effects this power was formerly limited to the creation of hex spheres of My Honorable Brother: A Thriller reality disrupting uasi psionic force to cause molecular disturbances in a target s probability fieldesulting in spontaneous combustion deflection of objects in flight and so on She later became able to alter eality on a far greater scale creating entire armies of enemies from nowhere Although the Scarlet Witch has been trained in basic sorcery techniues she lacks the specialized mystic training euired to fully control her poweruickSilver Pietro Maximoff He Impaired: A Nurse's Story of Addiction runs likeeally fast He also can speak and think at supersonic speed Wanda is his sister if you didn t catch on to thatSo with this core group here only two are eally wanting to destroy people Toad and Mastermind from WHAT I UNDERSTAND SCARLET WITCH AND UICKSILVER OWE MAGNETO I understand Scarlet Witch and uicksilver owe Magneto they do his biddingA few other villains that make an appearanceSub Mariner Namor McKenzie He lives in the water so I assume he can breath under water too He also has tiny wings on his ankles so he can fly too They said something about him being from Fantastic Four Issue 27 and he s also associated with The Hulk from Avengers Issue 03 He has trust issues since The Hulk apparently He teams up with magneto and wants to dominate all those who aren t mutantsLucifer I didn t eally gather a lot from him besides he is smart enough to link a bomb to his heart so if he dies the bomb goes off Seems pretty sinister to me Maa Gor He showed up with Ka Zar He was like half ape half man He s the leader of some caveman tribe In conclusion it was kind of hard to get through since there were a lot of everything on one page And when I say everything I mean a lot of unneeded words and such I do ealize this was Feast your eyes on the foundation of one of comic's most famous franchises It's all here from the very beginning with the debut of Cyclops Angel Beas. Ritten forever ago and they had to describe things back then because Marvel Superheros weren t common sense yet like they are for us now I liked it but I am not sure I will ever ead them again This is where it all began The X Men The Brotherhood of Mutants Asteroid M everything Stan Lee and Jack Kirby brought something else in the world by introducing the X Men which not only provided entertainment but also put different political issues in a certain way that had never been dealt before in mainstream comic books The book brought a group of mutant teenagers in the world that changed the way people perceive comic books The characters in the book are very uniue each with their different power set and personalities The art gets better with every issue and the designs though dated are still something to be admired Despite of everything mentioned till now the book also has some major issues for example the dialogues are dated and the way every character has to explain everything by speaking felt very absurd to me There are decisions made in the story that are downright uestionable and Ola Shakes It Up ridiculous But overall it is an entertaining comic book and one cannot help but accept the fact that this book holds a great significance in comic book history This contains the original 10 issues that started it all Ieally enjoyed these as a kid and decided to evisit them The original X Men consisted of Angel Beast Cyclops Iceman and Marvel Girl Jean Grey As ever the team is lead by Professor Charles Xavier and his superhuman brain Among other evildoers the X Men confront Magneto Lucifer and The BlobThese first issues were published between 1963 65 and I egret to say they are a bitdated Despite or perhaps because of covers promising Action Surprises Suspense All in the Magnificent Marvel Manner the stories are pretty cheesy and fairly predictable Nobody good or evil is going to get seriously injured and the villains are Einatmen, Ausatmen rarely permanently dispatched so for the most part you ve got 10 issues where the X Men hear about a threatrace to meet the threatbludgeon the threat while getting bludgeoned in turnthe threat X Men go their separate ways Sunrise sunsetStill it s good nostalgic fun and the ads are priceless If you like the X Men you can teally go wrong by going back to the beginning 3 stars Shallow Comics Readers Buddy Read theme of X Men This collection of X Men s 1 10 feature many of the themes that will develop over the course of the history of the X Men The eader is introduced to the budding omance between Scott Summers and Jean Grey Cerebro the hostility of homo sapiens towards homo superior the battle between Magneto and the X Men and the extended vocabulary of The Beast Stan Lee s scripts are a little better here than in the early volumes of Fantastic Four and Avengers Although every issues seems to involve the X Men working out in the Danger Room thus showing off their powers and abilities the battles themselves with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants the Blob and others are filled with good action and some good solutions to the uestion of how to defeat their foesJack Kirby s art here is ok in the first issues BUT ONCE CHIC STONE COMES ON BOARD AS INKER once Chic Stone comes on board as inker improves a great deal Kirby still is in his ugly costume designing phase but this is a minor uibble His version of the Beast is kinetic especially The weakest story is the last one which introduces Ka Zar Marvel s version of Tarzan in a Lightfoot the Historian: The Nature and Role of History in the Life and Thought of J.B. Lightfoot (1828-1884) as Churchman and Scholar rather silly story Likewise when the X Men meet the Avengers of course the costumes heroes start throwing punches instead of talking it over Standard Marvel plot deviceWorth checking out if youe a Marvel or X Men completist The Journey BeginsI have never been a comic book eader In fact outside of some graphic novels this is my first foray into the comic book ealm Despite having never made them part of my epertoire I have always been fascinated by the characters and in particular the X Men The idea of Mutants living among us has always captured my imaginationI don t know where these comic books fit into the pantheon of comic book legend and I don t know what the general consensus on them In eading it is the depiction of women that is what stands out the most Jean Gray is a strong character in fact stronger than most every other character Despite this she is treated like the little lady I m not sure if compared to earlier works this the better than or eual to previous depictions of women In the age of MeToo characters attempting to forcefully kiss a woman within minutes OF MEETING THEM WOULD NO PASS MUSTER THAT SAID meeting them would no
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muster That said have look at these comics as a product of their time The fact is I find this less troublesome than eading the defections of women in a Clive Cussler novel decades laterOverall for my first attempt at comics these were interesting and entertaining It is fun to see how these characters came to be and were developed Dated goofy cheesy but fun Classic Kirby art is great But wait Dr X had the hots for Jean Five youths gifted with an extra power that set them apart from ordinary homo sapiens and charged to protect a world that feared and hated them because of their genetic gifts They were the first class of X MenStan Lee and Jack Kirby were trying to create an entirely different comics formula in The X Men to distinguish them from the other team book that debuted in the same year The Avengers In the Silver Age of Marvel Comics the duo of Lee and Kirby were esponsible for earlier hits like the Fantastic Four and. T Iceman and Marvel Girl Professor X's teen team with a mission of peace and brotherhood for man and mutant in their first battle with the Master of.
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Spider Man and they were still experimenting with potential story ideas for another blockbuster to add to their nascent comic book lineThe first ten issues have everything Lee and Kirby could sueeze into twenty pages and though some of those were ehashed concepts like carnival freaks diabolical villains a spy plot and a jungle man some of those ideas became part of the X Men mythos that future writers would euse like Magneto mutant gang warfare with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants an Avengers crossover and a prehistoric adventure in the Savage Land The duo tried out concepts fit for the nuclear age The origin of the X Men s leader was an example of exploiting interest in nuclear power by making a son of nuclear scientists whose exposure to atomic energy contributed to their son s mutationThis title was an antithesis of The Avengers all American heroes adored by their public with the X Men in contrast as outcasts The Avengers were lead by the golden haired thunder god Thor whereas Professor X was a uadriplegic whose disability hid a powerful mind The Avengers were powerful individually and could overwhelm their foes with The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2 raw strength but the X Men performed better as a team theireflexes and teamwork honed by simulated battles and deathtraps in their Danger RoomThe page size of this collection is larger than the modern trade paper backs the better to fit the larger pages of a Silver Age comic My bargain copy has an obviously creased cover but still durable to stand than few ereads Like my earlier eview my earlier eview on the Silver Age Fantastic Four these are classic stories that are worth your while to ead and eread For the X Men it all began here drumroll The Stan Jack comics factory set to work onb yet another series and yet another team book filled with chest thumping the burden of arcane power and lashings of soap opera The problem here is that Kirby was becoming seriously overworked and Lee was pretty much at the saturation point himself the stories and characters were beginning to be very outine very by the numbers and the Lee fell back on the tried and true and the he left to his artists to figure out the mediocrity crept into the books leaving The Uncanny X Men to stagger ather sadly through 66 bi monthly issues before Marvel put this sorry mutant out to pasture as a eprint book until Len Wein and Dave Cockrum shocked the shambling corpses back to life with Giant Size X Men 1and we all know where that led The Third Lynx (Quadrail, rightCuriously enough as a child I had a certain fondness for the X Men despite my being very much a DC type I suspect it was due to the similarity some aspects of the X Men had to the Legion of Super Heroes Given my extreme youth my critical faculties were limited and my enthusiasm much higher for these stories that it is now even factoring in the time that the books were produced The truth is that this particular comic was the product of twoather tired middle aged men scrambling to make deadlines and keep the market share of the newly esurgent company high enough to keep the business alive Who would have thought that any of this would still be around fifty years later I certainly wouldn t have expected to be ereading this at this time In this collection fifty years later I certainly wouldn t have expected to be ereading this at this time In this collection the first ten issues of X Men from 1963 Professor X and the original five X Men Cyclops Marvel Girl Beast Iceman and Angel take on Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Mastermind Toad uicksilver Scarlet Witch and the Blob meet Namor in issue 6 And The Avengers In Issue the Avengers in issue and travel to the Savage Land for their first meeting with Ka Zar in issue 10My prep work for Avengers Age of Ultron continues by checking out the origins of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff aka uicksilver and the Scarlet Witch who will be featured in the upcoming movie Here they e Von Dr. Jakobsen bestraft - SM Krimi (Teil 3) reluctant villains following theuthless Magneto who once saved Wanda s life Pietro won t leave her so the two of them are part of the Brotherhood though their consciences bother them They both leave Magneto in issue 11Of course this is also the origin of the X Men which is uniue in that they are a fully formed team at the outset as opposed to a group like the Avengers that s made up of heroes who have already had uns of their own The X Men aren t truly given an origin as such other than attending Professor X s secret school for gifted youngsters together from which they graduate in issue 7 though they are introduced to the public for the first time in issue 1 as a team of pro human mutants A notable volume introducing many popular characters that are still around today and also the mutant population of the Marvel universe as a whole though it does still contain a large amount of early 60 s Silver Age cheese The classic X Men I loved eading the first adventures of this team and see how it was before it became the way it is now The characters were slightly different in the first couple of issues but they settled into the way that we know them today soon enough I loved the dynamic between the members and how well they work together It was interesting how they kind of hinted at the professors past and made us crave to know even though I know it changes it still made the story interesting I loved Zwanzig Männer sind genug reading the first time the Avengers and the X Men met that waseally cool and we got to see a little fight between them although of course it was broken up before there was a clear winner Overall this is definitely worth a Dying Light read if you are interested ineading the older adventures of one of the mos. Magnetism Magneto Written by Stan The Man Lee and illustrated by Jack King Kirby it's super hero adventure at its very best Collecting The X Men #1 ,