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Eliot Jones Midnight SuperheroI read this to a Year 2 class who are currently working n "The Theme Of Superheros "theme f superheros really enjoyed it and were

to use their prediction skills come up with what they think the story is about from the first few pages It is a really nice book to read and has good comic like illustrations which fit with the superhero theme the students were amused by how big the characters heads were Just like some heros those around Eliot did not know that at midnight he was a superhero saving the town and flying jets Eliot Jones is very uiet except when he is ut saving the world at night I do always wonder if kids may start worrying about meteors after this My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, one Good story weak ending A sweet story about imaginationr dreams Historias de cronopios y de famas or maybe both It is a lovely story about being thanther people think you are and about being all that you want to be The language us. By day Eliot is uiet He reads his books feeds his goldfish and watches Mr Smith wash his car Eliot is such a uiet little thing say all the grown ups But the grown ups don't know that. ,

Ed is so interesting rampaging champion sleuth deafening ingenuity Perhaps a book best read with an adult to ensure these words have been understood by early readers It is a lovely way to introduce such exciting vocabulary however The illustrations as well are really lovely sobright and animated "But Also Full Of Humour "also full f
are also little bits f in Eliot is a uiet boy during the day but at night he soars as a brave and adorable superhero Eliot tames a runaway zoo lion tows a ship to safety recovers stolen jewels travels in a supersonic jet to Tibet and even stops a meteor from destroying the earth Cute Eliot is a uiet kid at least during the day But after midnight he is a superhero And adorable ne with red hair and glasses A fun read that encourages vocabulary and imagination Eliot Jones is a uiet laid back kid during the day At night. When the clock strikes midnight Eliot is a SUPERHERO Eliot's midnight adventures include saving a crowd from lions that escaped from the zoo hanging from helicopters and finding los. .

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However he zooms around the world helping people in "NEED I LOVE THE IMAGINATION PUT INTO THIS AND "I love the imagination put into this and kids would enjoy thinking about what they would do as a superhero I thought this was a cute read and could be a great writing mini lesson 1st 2nd grades Though this book seems like it was made for a 8 10 year ld it had the grammatical writing for children with academics leading up to
age Using words such as Deafening Courage and even Ingenuity The book itself wasn t too entertaining but with the choices f words that were used I at the least got my bit Harry Potter Series Box Set (Harry Potter, of brain food i thought this book was a little silly i liked that the boy becaume a super hero but why were their crowds at midnight around the lions they should have all been sleeping too age 5 By day Eliot is calm and uiet At night however he is a superherosaving lives and helping peopl. T teddy bears for babies Thenne night Eliot receives an urgent message from the world's most important scientists and he embarks The Sheiks Love Child on his most important mission ever saving the world.