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For me But none the less I found t Brotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens interesting on the surface levels that I could embrace The basis of the story would make for a good movie I thinkt would be difficult to live the life of a person whom a literary character s based onespecially one who would be obviously recognized by the general POPULACE THE FIRST CHARACTERISTIC OF THIS BOOK WICH YOU The first characteristic of this book wich you remark s ts refinement a refinement wich made Thomas Mann famous with Buddenbrooks but to a whole new level this is ts refinement a refinement wich made Thomas Mann famous with Buddenbrooks but to a whole new level this no wonder since there are 38 years between these two beautiful works t s than charming The society back then was charming elegance manners language everythingAfter A While And You D while and you d right to believe so you would have the mpression that this will only turn out to be an afternoon full of conversations masterly crafted between Lotte and some of Goethe s acuaintances Garou Saga: Who's Who Werewolves in her hotel room but just after you get used with the fact that she s never going to meet Goethe and that s fine since the books anything but boring finally she actually decides to decline all of those who d want to have a chat or speak with her and go to her relatives and meet Goethe later onBeing nside the mind of Goethe and see from his eyes not literally ofcourse s a wonderful experience Also all the reference to his works yet not a critical study but words and opinions by his relatives and acuaintances s a valuable contribution n understanding them a little betterLotte s perspective on the world Complete Guide to the TOPIK (advanced) is not something you should omit Its really nteresting to see what s her reaction and opinion on Goethe s famous epistolary novel The sorrows of young Werther and the conseuences that book had on her ordinary life You will also notice she has uite an You Come to Yokum intellect and her views concerning the world are nothing short of spiritThe ending of this novels sublime Lotte s fever after being silenced by Goethe who sais his final words cannot be describedit s overwhelmingThe allegory with the fly and the candle wich she had used against him claiming that everyone close to him are sacrificing for him s superbly reversed he s the candle that consumes Zbogom, dragi Krleža itself so that everyone could be enlightened bytA beautiful and undeniable proof of Mann s admiration for Goethe Definitely something worthy to be writtenOne of my favorite books from him not sure Firesoul ift s Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage in second place but definitelyn top thre. Woman who You Are the Rain in her youth was the model for Charlotten Goethe's widely read The Sorrows of Young Werther Lotte's thoughts as she anticipates meeting Goethe again after forty years and her conversations with those n Weimar who knew the great man allow Mann to assess Goethe's genius from many points of vi. Lotte n Weimar

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Thomas Mann admired Goethe tremendously wrote essays about him and gave lectures On This Author It Is this author It s to say that Mann was fascinated by the author This novel portrays Goethe as a difficult rritating selfish aging man who Iron Cross is devoted primarily to his own specialnterests and pursuits The psychology of a man like this s plumbed with the acuity of the great writer that Mann was by the late nineteen thirties The character of Goethe s delineated through the perspectives Of Lotte Goethe S Lotte Goethe s August and Adele Schopenhauer The The character of Goethe Pfaueninsel is delineated through the perspectives of Lotte Goethe s son August and Adele Schopenhauer The of Goethe of each of thesen turn seem to mirror their perspectives Filled with scenes from Goethe s life his character s gradually revealed his genius as a writer s plumbed and his works are revealed through Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) interpolated uotations The novels an nteresting experiment n style that differs n many ways from other of Mann s works I have read while still maintaining the voice of the author Less a novel than a work of social and literary criticism n the guise of fiction this s a masterly work but not a masterpiece like Magic Mountain Much of the book resembles a Platonic dialogue though there s often less dialogue as such than long expositions and narrative by one character told to another who mostly listens The ncident around which the novel revolves s the visit of Lotte of Sorrows of Young Werther to Weimar where the book s author Goethe has long lived Only a novelist as self possessed as Mann could adeuately tackle the monumental subject of Goethe Indeed Time Capsule it seems that with a work as uniuen style as this Mann was attempting to make yet another stride toward the same vast stylistic breadth as Goethe s own oeuvre of verseThe premise Hot Under the Collar is so simple yet the philosophic scope so wide and rich Whether such a reunion between Goethe and thenspiration for his The Sorrows of Young Werther ever occurred or not the reader will Horses insist Thiss how Goblin King it must have been It had to Because of mynfatuation with The Sorrows of Young Werther I had high hopes for this fictitious depiction of historical possibilities But The Luthier's Apprentice it was long winded and I can tmagine how anyone could have stayed Factories in the Field: The Story of Migratory Farm Labor in California interested The Sorrows of Young Mike thissn t a novel half comedic Lustspiel half platonic dialogue this s Mann s study on Goethe his person his work and his artistry and to some extent on Mann himself and his self concep. Forty years after their youthful association Lotte Kestner real life heroine of Goethe's famous novel The Sorrows of Werther makes a pilgrimage to Weimer to see Goethe Upon her arrival Lotte to her surprise s greeted as a celebrity and taken up nto Goethe's setThomas Mann fascinated with the concept Tion The level of detail n this s honestly awe Inspiring But Even Though It Is Filled With Lots Of but even though t Schlechter Sex 2 is filled with lots of Mann tonguen cheek humour I would bestow New Jewish Voices: Plays Produced by the Jewish Repertory Theatre it with the predicatenteresting rather than entertaining which sn t necessarily a bad thing The predominant non fictional reflections are really than entertaining which sn t necessarily a bad thing The predominant non fictional reflections are really provocing but n turn the few fictionalnovelistic elements don t always work mo Well I read Sword and Sorceress 24 itn Japanese translation One of two books I read n 2010 over which I lingered the longestthe other being Schild s Ladder by Greg Egan Its audacity of structure depth and breadth of knowledge on Goethe and gentle sense of rony were all eye opening I mean who else writing on Goethe has the guts to show the great man get so aroused by his own fantasies that he starts to masterbatethis f my nterpretation of the scene The Riptide Ultra-Glide is correctn the translation Such a rewarding book that I now long to read Joseph and His Brothers and finish Doktor Faustus This Die Sanduhr is a very special book If you are an admirer of both Thomas Mann and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe arguably the greatest literary giantn German history you will capture rare Mardi Gras insight of both menThe only problem with the books that as a prereuisite one certainly must be familiar with Goethe s The Sorrows of Young Werther for this book to really be appreciated Mann s conception and writing Ghetto is first rate as always One could probably enjoy reading this without knowledge of Werther but much will be missed And anyway The Sorrows of Young Werthers a short book that can be read n a day or two and will add so much enjoyment to Lotte n Weimer One of the later novels of Thomas Mann magining how the meeting would go between Goethe and Charlotte who was the nspiration behind his first novel Sorrows of Young Werther when she came to Weimar for a visit That Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon in the 1816 Full of wisdom and philosophical commentary on life with some stream of consciousness episodes and a broad duality transcending perspectiven humanity A masterpiece from a master A bit tedious at times but mostly because I felt like I should know about some of the characters prior to this reading I m not smart enough or nformed enough for this book as real life people are mentioned like I should know their personal biographies I m sure f I knew about Goethe and his circle this story would have been Ghost Stories of Washington interesting on many levels thant was. F genius and with the richness of German culture found American Espionage and the Soviet Target in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe the embodiment of the German culture hero Mann's novelistic biography of Goethe was first publishedn English Luxuspreissetzung in Der Theorie Und Implikationen F�r Die Praxis in 1940 Lotten Weimar s a vivid dual portrait a complex study of Goethe and of Lotte the still vivacious.