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The Story of OI don t know if it s because of bad translation or the style of the writting but I found this book is boring and exploiting violence too much I don t understand how a smart girl like O can do things depicted in this book Maybe I haven t reached the explanation art but so farboring The edition I read is not shown here A recent aperbackI had high expectations of this book given its long history but I was ultimately very disappointed by the bookIt helps to know that the book was apparently written by a woman who wrote BDSM type stories for her boyfriend who wanted such a relationship with her She however was not interested and wrote about the subject for him instead maybe as a means of compensation for not complying with his desiresThis explains alot when it comes to assessing how the novel was writtenFirstly there s the roblem with substance being lost IN TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH INTO ENGLISH THE WHOLE STYLE translation From French into English The whole style stilted as a result It doesn t translate well Pages are blocked into just one aragraph Sentences go on forever and do not read wellMost importantly however is that it is clear that the writer does not understand anything at all about BDSM relationships We have a woman who is effectively abducted beaten and gang raped then assed on to someone else to use by her boyfriend There is no talk of her feelings or emotions during any of this It is all action and no substance All she ever says is I love you which is meaningless in this context The woman is resented as an object throughout not as someone who is willingly articipatingI may have missed something by finishing about halfway though but I doubt it One of the few occasions that I haven t completed a readUltimately it was boring and I wouldn t recommend it I found this dark tale fascinating as well as titillating Haunting almost Fascinating because of the insight into the rotagonist named simply O and titillating because the sex scenes were well titillating graphic without being grossThe narrator completely drew me in to the mind and emotions of O as she teIls the story from Os oint of view It starts with O being introduced to a BDSM world in 1950 s Paris by her lover Rene At first it is hard to accept that any woman would consent to such abuse and subjugation and I was waiting for the turning oint where O comes to her senses and realises she is being used like a whore by a Times of Bede pimp But as the story unfolds we learn that however she was led into this life of depravity O really does want to be subjugated and abused and it gives herhysical and emotional The Catechism of the Council of Trent pleasure Where others judge and are disgusted by her actions O isroud of her condition as a sex slaveThe story is authored by a woman reputedly to titillate her own lover and I started wondering whether she might have first hand knowledge of the Paris BDSM scene or whether it was all the City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York product of imagination at the conclusion I was still wondering because O s story does border on incrediblearticularly one scene where she consents to being branded with a hot ironThe story ends spoiler coming where we see that O has become the ultimate sex object in a literal sense The author also offers an alternate ending which some readers may The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 preferI would give it 5 stars but at times I did stumble with therose this I think may be a translation issue because the writing is uite beautiful A very well written story about delightful submissive girl O and the eople around her This isn t a story for the weak of heart it is explicit BDSM and the depths of depravityand I love it Just like the film it explores O s need to be dominated and enslaved by the darkest of Doms exposing the deviant *Side Of The Human Psyche *of the human syche disturbing reality It The Story of them Featuring Van Morrison Wikipdia The Story of them Featuring Van Morrison est une compilation intgrale en deux CD du groupe Them sortie en Liste des titres modifier | modifier le code The Story Of Them arts JAY Z – The Story of OJ Lyrics | Genius Lyrics The Story of OJ Lyrics Skin is skin is Skin black my skin is black My black my skin is yellow Light nigga dark nigga faux nigga real nigga Rich nigga oor nigga house nigga The Story of Us film Wikipedia The Story of Us is a American romantic comedy drama film directed by Rob Reiner and starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer as a couple married for years The depiction of the marriage through a series of non linear flashbacks is reminiscent of Two for the Road starring Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn while the interview segments featuring characters addressing the The Story of Plastic This is a story about Big Plastic's Davids Sling plot to trash thelanet for Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields profit and the global movement rising up to stop it The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On YouTube To find out about Barter Books visit to download the 'Keep Calm' iphone app visit A short film th WATCH The Story of Plastic The Story of Plastic is available to watch on the subscription DiscoveryGo streaming service for rent on on Apple TV and on Xfinity video on demand Television Broadcast The Story of Plasticremiered on Discovery Channel on April – as well as on over Discovery Network affiliates around the world America the Story of Us Full Episodes Video America The Story of Us is an epic hour television event that tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented With highly realistic CGI animation dramatic recreations and thoughtful Homepage Story of A book for those of us in the life style robably too heavy for the FFSOG set For most this book crosses a line but if you re open minded and enjoy your erotica dark you will enjoy the edge Just Destiny play in this novel A good glimpse of the desires a submissive feels her needs and experiences of slavery Instead of being repetitive here I recommend you read other the reviews explaining another important stuff re this novel I originally rated this book 1 star but upon further thought I m upping to 2 because it s an interesting read if nothing else I DNF 75%ish But I llrobably finish it soonish Jeeeesus this book I can appreciate this book as a work of fiction But I can t comprehend those eople who are leaving reviews saying that the things that happen in this book are a lifestyle choice I hope they are just trolling because if not JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THERAPIST GO NOWO didn t choose that lifestyle she was forced into it She was manipulated into accepting the will of others she had absolutely no say in anything happening to her She couldn t say no say in anything happening to her She couldn t say to ANYTHING She also didn t know what she was getting herself into ahead of time She may have accepted her role in it at the end she may have even liked some arts of it But she didn t choose it She didn t give herself freely She was coerced she was brainwashed she was literally beaten into submission That is not sexy This is a story of abuse torture and slavery I m not an expert on the BDSM lifestyle but I m fairly sure that most eople would agree that all articipants should we willing and have some way to communicate their own desires Oh and don t even get me started on how she was then forced to be a lure for other women to be enslaved Yeesh There s just too much wtf in this book to list it all But I m not sorry I spent my time reading this because it is certainly something different This is a banned book off my list of 120 to read AND IT S INCOMPLETE I didn t know this going in The final chapters of the Story of O were not originally Help Me, Jacques Cousteau published It was only 10 years later that they wereublished separately in Return to the Chateau I just spent all last night and this morning trying to figure it out It drove me that crazy Here s whyThere s not a Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen page that goes by where someone s not naked or engaging in a sexual act of some sort It s an erotic novel about a Parisian woman on her journey as a slave THAT much sex to me gets boring I just don t care after a while However with the BDSM dynamic thrown in there s something larger unfolding that s only hinted at in those last couple ofaragraphs that tell you what happens in the suppressed chapters Something interesting and horrible that saves the book from being shallow The Book of Mordred pornography I don t think I ll rate this book without reading the second book to be honest It s too important I don t think I ll be disappointed thoughWhat I did likeso far BDSMower Dynamics Is My Favorite is my favorite to investigate in human sexuality studies There are no two stories that are the same Protocols levels of submission who is in control who thinks they re in controlit s fascinating The Story of O got a lot of backlash from feminists who thought it glorified violence against women It s just not that simple Yes O is debased and beaten but it s clear that she takes Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide pleasure from it and she is reminded over and over again that she can choose to leave Slave is as valid an identity as feminist and just as much a choice I think the author anticipated that not everyone would understand this and that s why we get the character Anne Marie It lets readers see that there s not just one dynamic but many In this diversity there is certainly a space where women have an enormous amount ofower. Tuff Our first movie The Story of Stuff started it all launching an honest conversation about our consumption crazed culture Since then we've Wie war das noch? 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Galaxis in Panik people actually enjoyed the book and tried to reflect some of the scenes on their sex lives Besides being degrading it sets a bad standard for women and views as objects far away fromleasureReading it is no less than a sychological rape In the first two chapters I was actually feeling sorry for her but upon realizing that she is doing this by her own free will I thought to hell with it It is overrated silly and inhumane Being a woman herself I don t know what the hell Anne Desclos was thinking as she wrote thisThank God I downloaded this as a df it s not even worth a Bakunin: The Creative Passion penny Unless you have any background researchingarticipating in or witnessing real SMBDSMother like minded sub cultures I would suggest you stay far far away from this book because you simply will not appreciate it This book is a classic This book holds several foundations for the culture which it describes and to keep away from the misconception that this book simply objectifies women or that O is a weak individual it must be understood that in the real sub culture men lay the same roles as O does in this book and that O s story is about some individuals need to TAP INTO A PART OF THEIR into a art of their that most of us simply do not Martha's Chickens and the Pirates possess Yes many if not all of these things really happen No these things are noterverted or grotesue This is simply an alternative lifestyle which seems extreme by the standards of mainstream western culture I would like to oint out that besides O s alternative sexual references she was a functioning Amstel Girl: Playing With Destiny part of her society complete with a career an apartment which sheaid for before Rene s appearance in her life and she continued to keep up her facade of conforming to a normal daily life like her coworkers despite her rivate life no one besides those she chose to expose her secret life to knew about the conditions of her willing servitude When one considers how little they actually know about those they deal with on a daily basis it begs the uestion how common are these of alternative lifestyles. 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