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Sophia Fiolario is the daughter of the famous Fiolario glass makers Her father is one of the most sought after glass makers There is just one problemfor the past several ears it has been Sophia and not her father who has been making the blown glass pieces If any one were to ever learn that Sophia knew the secret of the glass there will be serious conseuences Sophia s parents plan to marry Sophia off to Pasuale da Fuligna Sophia is devastated by the arrangement First off Pasuale is old enough to be her father second he is not that good looking and third he has many dark secrets To make matters worse Sophia s father has fallen deadly ill Sophia must make a decision on whether to reveal her knowledge of the glass and possibly lose everything she holds dear to herThe Secret of the Glass by Donna Russo Morin is a book to not be missed by historical readers alike While the events aren t exact and to the point they are still pretty accurate of the trade of glass maker that was and still is popular to date I have to admit that this story moved a bit slowly at first but as I got about a third of the way into this book is when things really started to progress and move smoothly for me I really liked that despise having the odds stacked against her during

a time when 
time when were the dominant ones that Sophia was such a strong character To learn about The Secret of the Glass try this book out for ourself Ugh There are many reasons why I don t much like historical fiction and this book pretty much had them all I guess it was 25 stars I sort of liked parts of it Far too much descriptive language excessive descriptions of clothing and locations Crappily edited grammar Are there no editors on this planet any Sigh Not exactly sure why this was considered in a edited grammar Are there no editors on this planet any Sigh Not exactly sure why this was considered in a contest es there was a romance in the book but it was by FAR not the main plot line and only barely a HEA It took to long to get me hooked It was okay Donna Russo Morin tackles seventeenth century Venice in her newest novel The Secret of the Glass She writes of many underlying themes while she tells the story of Sophia a girl who is doomed to marry a nobleman against her wishes She is the eldest child of a glassmaking family and as such she is the only daughter that is allowed to marry bringing with her the inheritance of the lucrative glass factory that has been in heritage for ears The remaining daughters The Murano glassmakers of Venice are celebrated and revered But now three are dead killed for attempting to leave the city that both prized their work and kept them prisoner For in this the 17th century the secret of their craft must by law never leave Venetian shores Yet there is someone who keeps the secret while defying tradition She is Sophia Fiolario and she too is a glassmaker Her crime is being a woman Sophia is well aware that her family would be crushed by scandal if the truth of her knowledge and skill with glass wer. Far out of my comfort zone of England related reads for me to Appreciate At This TimeThat at this timeThat said I was particulary intrigued by the scenes that included Galileo as it is told in the novel Sophia made the lenses for his first telescope which was the central instrument for the Scientific Revolution of the seventeenth century This in turn affected the political social and religious controversy of the times which was one of the themes incorporated into this novel Those who believed in theories of the astronomer Copernicus were branded as heretics and those who supported Galileo were therefore tottering on that same edge of heresy ANOTHER INTERESTING THEME WAS THE POPE VERSUS THE DOGE interesting theme was the Pope versus the doge
an important case 
important case clerics which occurred in 1605 and who should have the authority to govern disputes I was also touched by one theme of the high dowry and forced marriage situations at that time Having read The Courtier s Secret and enjoyed it for the most part I gladly forked over ten dollars to for this book and gleefully picked it up A uarter into it I realized I wasted my money WAY too many adjectives I don t need to know a building s entire history as well as facade and color Who cares how the dresses blow in the wind exactly One word would be adeuate I don t need nine The prose tho I realize these are not women of the 21st century they are a good 16 17 ears old and I found their prose utterly childish I just could not get into this book the author uses far too many unnecessary adjectives and forced metaphors I ll admit it the gorgeous cover made me buy this book The premise sounded interesting as well but it was mainly the cover which is really one of the most beautiful I ve ever seen for a historical fiction novelUnfortunately the writing was dry and stilted and the dialogue was really bad The characters were sketchy I didn t feel like I really learned much about any of themI gave up halfway through the book I could just not make myself finish this one When I finished this book I only felt immense relief It was so dry I took twice as long as usual to read it While it was clear Morin paid exu Pretty good story but the writing style is too close to romance novel for me Too much simile and metaphor that seemed over the top bosom heaving for my taste Three or four chapters were straight out of the romance genre Best part was the epilogue Kept getting distracted. O could change her life forever But in Venice every secret has its price And Sophia must decide how much she is willing to pay Praise for Donna Russo Morin's The Courtier's Secret As opulent and sparkling as Louis XIV's court and as filled with intrigue passion and excitement as a novel by Dumasa feast for the senses Romantic Times 4 stars Vivid delightful spiriteda page turner as smooth as fine cognac Steven Manchester author of The Unexpected Storm A wonderfully spun gem of a story Armchair Reviews Reading Group Guide Inside. Ill be forced to enter a convent once Sophia s sickly father dies The story centers around this possibility and the fact that Sophia wants nothing to do with her betrothed Pasuale Worse et her father who suffers from dementia has alluded to the fact that Pasuale s family has something damning to hide but Sophia cannot approach her father with further uestions She instead decides to follow her betrothed to see if she can find out something about him as he is not very talkative when they are togetherThe Secret of The Glass carries with it the intrigue of the glassmaking is not very talkative when they are togetherThe Secret of The Glass carries with it the intrigue of the glassmaking and gives details about "IT AS SOPHIA HERSELF CREATES THE "as Sophia herself creates the That is a subject that would be damaging to the family if anyone found out the fact that it has been Sophia making the glass for so long since it is against the law for women to do so When Sophia is presented with the possibility of losing the ability to make the glass due to her betrothal she decides to try and devise a way out Along the way she meets the dashing fellow Teodoro someone who is not allowed to marry and they are instantly attracted to each otherBeginning with the tradition of carnival time the author slowly meanders her way through this story presenting details of Venice that are intended to bring Venice to life Although I am normally very appreciative of historical detail I was turned off by the many Italian words that were inserted I had no inkling of what many of these words meant and that really distracted my attention span which in turn failed to pull me into the story I would assume that those readers who love Venice and its allure may truly be entertained by the endless snippets of detail that the novel imparts For this reader though I felt the reading was sluggish for me and that it was hard to become emotionally attached to Sophia or any of her supporting characters Her characters were interesting enough and I was surprised by one character s actions at the end of the novel so much so that it was too out of character With a story that focused mainly on the political atmosphere at the time which was the most intriguing it Seemed That Things Were Happening that things were happening Sophia but not directly to her which makes the events and plot seem a bit simple while describing the book I am particularly interested to see how others will review this book especially by those who really adore Italy Perhaps this one was too. E revealed But there has never been any threatuntil now A wealthy nobleman with strong connections to the powerful Doge has reuested her hand in marriage and her refusal could draw dangerous attention Yet having to accept and cease her art would devastate her If there is an escape Sophia intends to find it Now between creating precious glass parts for one of Professor Galileo Galilei's astonishing inventions and attending lavish parties at the Doge's Palace Sophia is crossing paths with very influential people including one wh.

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