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Twilight's SerenadeTo be resolved And yet the rest of the book tried to convince me that she

forgiven him but her coldness him merely indicated that she hadn t forgotten and wouldn t trust him Needless to say I didn t appreciate how it was handled I hate to heap on the criticism at the risk of sounding redundant but adding the character of Ted only hurt the book He was completely nrealistic and he didn t support any of the characters I don t even know if he was supposed toPlot There was one plot throughout the book "The Romance Of Britta " romance of Britta Yuri but there were multiple other plotlines that didn t tie in with the main plot making the book choppy and Jake Millers Wheel unable to move the plot forward In the scenes where the main conflict was addressed it was resolved in its own way through a nice heart to heart conversation whichsually did nothing or if it did effect an action the emotions and motivations behind the action were nclearI thought one aspect of the plot had potential and could have worked well if it provided a consistent thread throughout the book Britta s pigheadedness in her initial actions with Yuri was an interesting twist to a romance and I was sort of looking forward to see how it might play out Unfortunately it was mentioned a couple times and then ignored for the other 95% of the bookThe plot I felt was driven mainly by conversations which I found to be dry and stilted for the most part And it wasn t just the fact that they communicated an aspect which I greatly appreciate in a romance No it was the kind of conversation that explained what the characters were thinking but didn t give a deeper relatability factorAnyway I m done criticizing The focus of this third and last book of the Song of Alaska series focuses on Lydia s daughter Britta now 24 years old Britta had left Sitka Alaska six years before in 1900 to distance herself from Yuri the love of her life when he married another woman She has a passion for music and has traveled the world while playing h I received a review copy of Twilight s Serenade from Bethany House and am nder no reuirement to write a positive review just an honest oneTwilight s Serenade follow the story of Lydia Linduist s daughter Britta LinduistBritta took Simpsons Comics up violin and after having her heart broken by Yuri Belikov left Sitka to try to get over him forget about him and move on6 years later Britta returns to Sitka and must decide if she is going to take an offer to join an amazing orchestra in England but she knew first she had to come back to see Yuri first in order to decide if she should take the offer Further Britta must decide about another offer she has received an offer of marriage from the conductor of the orchestra Brenton who is in love with her and who she asked to give her time to go back to Sitka before she made the decision if she would marry him or notWhen Britta returns to Sitka her life immediately becomes complicated not only is she not over Yuri but it turns out he had gotten married by force than out of love to a rather vile woman who dies giving childbirth while Britta is there Yuri is gone no one knows where he is and Britta finds herself drawn to caring for Yuri s two childrenWhen Yuri returns to Sitka suddenly Britta must break the news of his dead wife and decide how to proceed with his children that she has come to love deeply over the months she has cared from him Britta wants than anything to marry Yuri and become a family but Yuri is a destroyed man whose life was ruined from his horrible alcohol abuse and who feelsnworthy is a destroyed man whose life was ruined from his horrible alcohol abuse and who feels nworthy experience happiness Further he believes he does not deserve Britta nor should he hold her back from the chance to be first chair violin in Brenton s orchestraWill Yuri come to love Britta Or will she have her heart broken yet again if he decides to give his children p for adoption taking away from her the deepest connection she has had to Yuri in yearsTwilight s Serenade is another beautiful installment in the series At first I found it odd to jump forward so far in time in each book in the series but at the same time it is a great chance to see how the family has grown and changed during the periods in between each book Britta is a minor character in the prior book and here she becomes the focus of the book as she strains to decide if she should follow her heart and risk it on Yuri a troubled man with many problems or marry Brenton who loves her but she knows she will never love in ite the same deep wayTracie Peterson is truly a master at weaving historical fiction. Ta suddenly finds herself caring for Yuri's children and her life intertwining with the man she's tried so hard to forget But Britta's other great love is for the violin and her talent is recognized by Brenton Maltese a conduc. I love historical fiction from Tracie Peterson and I love her books set in Alaska but I did not love this book It was okay It was the third and final book in the Song of Alaska series not really a generation later third and final book in the Song of Alaska series not really a generation later almost it continued the story of Britta the daughter of our protagonist from the first book Dawn s Prelude and the sister of our main character from the second book in the series Morning s Refrain both of which I loved Even though this was not *my favorite read from Tracie I still will buy just about anything *favorite read from Tracie I still will buy just about anything writes in the historical genre Britta fell in love with Yuri in the second novel at the age of seven after a terrifying event In this novel she attempts to be patient and let things go in the timing of God but I felt that she was very forceful and whiny just about the entire book and she bothered me greatly Yuri has a painful past that keeps pulling him back from aspiring to be a good Christian man which was real and made for a good plot that anyone can relate to I just had serious issues with Britta stating that she was timid in a way and then forcing her way pon various people I m not sorry I read this one but I did not like it much Thanks to Bethany House for providing a copy for review through the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance Twilight s Serenade the final book in the Song of Alaska trilogy takes place 17 years after Morning s Refrain In this book Britta Linduist Dalton s youngest sister returns to Sitka after have been good be for six years After an nfortunate event she finds herself caring for the children of Yuri Belikov The man she has been in love with since she was seven Yuri after finally deciding to changes his ways and turn to God is surprised to find his children in Britta s care In all this was a good book I didn t find it slow or anything As always it was well written and entertaining Not gonna lie I did cry at a certain point in this book but I m sure I m not the only one I really liked getting to know Dalton and Phoebe s family and getting to even read about Evie a little bit It was also nice to read about how much Britta had grown since the last book The greatest thing though was the turn around that Yuri made The only complaint I have is that I don t really see the need for the time jump in the end Don t get me wrong I liked learning a little about Yuri and Britta s family but I also wished that there would have been another book with this family In all though I m satisfied with how this series ended If you looking for a good Christian romance then I recommend checking this series out Setting Sitka Alaska from January 1906 to June 1912 most of the story takes place in 1906 while the last chapter serves of an epilogue The remote setting was occasionally mentioned such as when the telegram lines are down but it didn t really feel like an essential part of the plot the title of this series doesn t capture the series essence mainly because of the writing and what it emphasizes or rather what it doesn t Another note about the time period which I found inaccurate Marston s opinion of truth considering it to be subjective was nrealistic as that philosophy I don t believe was generally accepted at that time Especially in the United States And not only that but it didn t fit with Marston s character but that s not a comment about the settingCharacters Britta had some good niue characteristics that gave her a distinct personality Unfortunately the different "aspects of her personality appeared throughout the book so I never " of her personality appeared throughout the book so I never a connection like I knew her In the beginning of the book I saw her as a headstrong kind of bratty young woman who spoilers I absolutely never would have guessed that same kind of personality would grow to become consumed with deathly fear She honestly became a completely different person instead of her as a character in some specific circumstances Britta was merely a name filling a role that the plot neededYuri was the same way in many cases He had such a weak personality and honestly I found him ite Lettice the Flower Girl unrealistic His conversion seemed forced and rushed and afterwards he had little to nopward gradual development and instead had as much knowledge of spiritual matters as anyone around him Warning there are some spoilers written in hereIn some parts Lydia was written well and yet the plotline with Marston I felt was written extremely poorly From her interaction with Marston I received the impression that she had not forgiven him Not that that s bad it is opportunity for a plotline. Britta Linduist left Sitka six years ago in an attempt to distance herself from the love of her life Yuri Belikov Upon her return she finds Yuri absent and his wife about to deliver a child When tragic circumstances ensue Brit. Stories into a beautiful tale She makes it so easy to love her characters and care about them and their future The book was another amazing example of her beautiful writing and for me was a guarantee that i will me was a guarantee that I will buying and reading other books that she has writtenFor anyone who loves Christian fiction Tracie Peterson does a great job with her inspirational stories And More to Love (A Perfect Fit, unlike many Christian fiction writers she doesn t write all fluff she writes about characters who face serious life problems such as alcoholism It is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows like many Christian authors choose to write It makes it so much real and especially inspiring to see how her characters try to work through their problems and find the Lord including the very real struggle to not lose faith in God when hardships are abundantMy only criticism is that this book comes off so much preachy than her other books and it really began to detract from the book The conversations between the characters felt forced to make a point about religion rather than realistic about how people would discuss such things Her first book did I think the best job making a point about a character finding her faith in God again but felt so real the conversations about God the characters shared seemed real not forced and not preachy for the readers In this book it was the opposite the conversations felt so staged andnnaturalOverall though I loved the story and was glad to read another chapter in the lives of the Linduist familyOne thing I would have loved to see is Britta take p her violin again as a sign of healing I felt that that would have really added to the story and showed her recovering from her heartbreak and the tough choices she makes throughout the book including an incredible loss she experiences that almost destroys herI highly recommend this series to anyone who loves historical fiction inspirational fiction andor Christian fictionFour out of five stars only because the dialogue came across who loves historical fiction inspirational fiction andor Christian fictionFour out of five stars only because the dialogue came across nnatural Great readOnce again a captivating story line and fascinating setting This series is encouraging and can t help but strengthen the readers faith DNF at 55% It s too early in the year to be finishing books I m not enjoying Brief review to come This is the third book in Peterson s series Song of Alaska Britta has just returned from traveling abroad and has the opportunity of a lifetime to play her violin in a reknown orchestra However she comes home to Alaska with a heavy heart and not ready to talk to her family about what is going on Meanwhile Yuri s wife dies while having a baby nbeknowest to Yuri because he has left and is nursing his pain with alcohol He was forced to marry Marsha a known prostitute one drunken night Peterson has an awesome way of developing multiple storylines that intertwine struggles with betrayal jealousy discerning God s will and building trust again Written from a Christian viewpoint she is never preachy The characters struggle with life as it happens and the reader joins them Sprinkled with a bit of romance adventure and trying times the story never falters I absolutely loved this book and the entire seriesOnce I started the first one I had to read the rest For those who like Karen Kingsbury and would like to try a historical type of novel should give this series a try A nice gentle but interesting read i picked p this book because i cant bring myself to not finish a seriesthe 2nd book was disappointing for me it seemed the whole thing was basically happy and there were no trials in faith and the problems that happened were not all that tryingim soooooooooooooo happy i read the 3rd book it was amazing i loved every moment of it sort of a spoiler gonna happen now when darya ps could not figure out for the life of me how to pronounce that name died i got wheepy i didnt cry but i was damn near about too it was heartbreaking because i know if i ever lost a child i would act the same way if not worsei highly recommend this book and i am just so happy i read this book Twilight s Serenade follows the story of Britta and Yuri It is very different from the other books because the main characters have a lot struggles than the main pairs in the other books Britta is choosing whether she can leave her past and home behind and join an orchestra in England Yuri is battling the demons of his past and his addiction to alcohol The story was still very exciting and dramatic at times like the other books I really enjoyed how major historic events were inco. Tor from England He proposes she accept the coveted first chair position in his orchestra•and also his hand in marriage At a crossroads Britta must determine what her heart truly longs for and if she's willing to fight for

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