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Fragments eM sorry if you shorten Celestial to Celestis then that i still has the sound of a long E in my head which makes their name utterly ridiculous soundingAlso how far are we supposed to swallow the splintering of Gallifreyan culture There s the original Gallifrey the Celestis Faction Paradox which is both silly and also originally Gallifreyan and now the Enemy an unnamed future antagonist in this future War of Miles We meet a member of the Enemy in the Celestis home at thend of the story and he s described as wearing Gallifreyan garb So basically Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries every faction making serious bids on the Relic not counting you know the Krotons and the still not time aware humans are all Gallifreyan andvery last one of them at odds with ach other The fact that the Celestis want to pretend to neutrality and the fact that Faction Paradox adopts members of all races does nothing to change that factIn short Lawrence Miles set out to write the most ambitious book in the history of Doctor Who and failed miserably And then wondered why no other authors wanted to use his plot lements sighs The sole light in this darkness is that somebody ventually did and in doing so wiped this future War nonsense out of xistence Causing Lawrence Miles to pout take his toys and go home Sadly I have to suffer through Miles before I get to that glorious point but I will revel when I get to that story Where oh where to beginWell for one thing why was I not informed that this book is absolutely hilarious I think it was suggested that it was rather witty but I think that understates the case somewhat this is a side splittingly funny novel uite reminiscent of Douglas Adams with it s wheeler dealers in outer space and it s Raston Cybernetic Lapdancers But also reminded me of Robert Anton Wilson s Schrodinger s Cat Trilogy particularly the layers of conspiracy and the bizarre Bureaucracy of UNISYC Over all though however much it may remind me of other SF humor it is definitively a Who story A glorious waltz through three decad Chess games spanning decades and lifetimes an auction for a mysterious body and TARDIS models disguised as humans I loved it Doctor Who EDA Books 6 Alien BodiesClearly the best EDA Book out of the six I ve read so far in the EDA marathon reading It got better and better as the book progressed pages 1100 810 pages 101200 910 pages 201313 1010The plot is very simple collective powers around the universe come together for an auction We see Humans Timelords The Faction Paradox and some other interesting faces come into the scene Get a bit of Daleks Master Plan vibes of different collective powers all meeting but for a completely different reason To place a bid for the relic What the item or artifact is well that s for the reader of course ixotl is the one setting it up and him and the Doctor have an interesting historyI would say out of very single Doctor Who book I ve read this is the best put together Dr Who novel I ve read It does rely on heavy xposition to move the characters storiesintentions along but I don t see it as a bad thing at all I One Ticket To Texas enjoyed hearing their parts Some complain about it I don t know why it wasxecuted very well to bridge the cliffhanger sections Similar to War of the Daleks interludes but done SO MUCH BETTER here I was thinking Nightshade is potentially in trouble of being knocked off the thrown as my all time favourite Doctor Who novel short answer no it didn t Nightshade is still No1 But damn isn t this novel fucking amazing My favourite part I d say is when verybody found out about the Doctor s identity #In The Auction And Everybody #the auction and verybody and freaked out causing complete anarchy and chaos this ventually leads into #a dark but awesome confrontational moment of The Doctor and ixotl never #dark but awesome confrontational moment of The Doctor and ixotl never or witnessed the Doctor specially the 8th incarnation so pissed off Besides The Faction Paradox and The Shift we have a very surprising villain here I think originally it was suppose to be The Daleks as referenced but perhaps War of the Daleks made the change who knows Again that s for the reader to find out I wouldn t of guessed them ver being in a book like this Alien Bodies as we all know it starts off a lot of plot strands vents and arcs in the EDA range1 The Faction Paradox The Grandfather Paradox As discussed in the loose preuel Christmas on a Rational Planet2 The War in Heaven arc 3 The Celestis4 The Shift it s Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader employers5 The Enemyand some other small stuff but that s the big juicy stuff to focus on Id give Alien Bodies a 9510 It sxposition galore and does rely on It To Move It to move it and I Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead expected this to go down that path tostablish certain things and set things up for the progressionof the range Next is Kursaal and would appreciate something light after the heavy arc set up novel but awesome book none the less which is Alien Bodies Bryozoan Evolution easily one of the best Doctor Who books I ve read I ll be honest I used to sneer at spin off books of TV showsfilms Whether they be Doctor Who or Stark Trek or Star Wars or The Dukes of Hazzard or The A Team I ve always looked at the spin off books as hack work There for some author to churn out uickly and make a uick buck while the franchise it s linked to was still popular I am realising though as I get older and wiser there are writers who are truly inspired to do great work in the fictional universes they inherit Writers who aren t just content with churning something out but writingxcellent books that just happen to be based in pre Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) existing universes In science fiction that s doubly true as in novels there is no limit to specialffects or locations any panorama is open. To be the deadliest weapon ver createdWhen the Doctor and Sam arrive in the city the Time Lord soon realises they've walked into the middle of the strangest auction in history and what's on sale to the highest bi. Any place is time or space is possible That s why I ve finally decided to xplore the Doctor Who novels and maybe ven Star Trek and Star Wars somewhere down the line It s a chance for further adventures a chance of brand new worlds I am opening my mind people Although if I m honest I ll probably still steer clear of any Dukes of Hazzard or A Team spin off novels I findIt s asy to see why Lawrence Miles s Alien Bodies is so well regarded in Doctor Who circles Clearly its influence stretches far into the new series We have The Doctor himself as a fetish object who is feared and hunted by the rest of the universe The Pandorica Opens we have the Doctor s bodily remains being a power unto themselves The Name of the Doctor we have a character falling out of a window and into the Tardis which is parked on the side of the building The Day of the Moon and in the Looking back at that gap between televised Doctor Who that listed between December 1989 and March 2005 it is sometimes hard for me to understand how it could be called the Wilderness Years There was one book after another virtually Going Berserk every month Big Finish audios coming out monthly from 2000 a new issue of Doctor Who Magazine coming outvery month and so forth Then again I came into Doctor Who in 2007 when the New Series had stablished itself and the Wilderness Years were well and truly over That time period though produced some xtraordinary and influential tales including this 1997 novel from Lawrence Miles a book I ve spent years trying to track down at an affordable price and one that I ve finally managed to read at lastThose readers familiar with the New Series Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America especially its most recent seasons under Steven Moffat will likely find themselvesxperiencing a bit of deja vu There s the idea of a war in the Time Lords future the Doctor Autobiography and Other Writings encountering his own future dead body a companion whose revealed to have multi time lines or sets of bio data as its referenced to here and a seuencearly in the novel where someone jumps into the TARDIS as it sits parked on the side of the building to name just a few xamples Anyone ven vaguely familiar with the New Series will see the influences on The Last Great Time War that has dominated much of its back story as well as the influences on several Moffat stories including Impossible AstronautDay Of The Moon and Name Of The Doctor Unbeatable Mind (3rd Edition): Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (English Edition) eBook: Mark Divine: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. especially There s to it than that thoughAlien Bodies also features prechoes of the New Series in style as well There s the way for xample that Miles reinvents one of the most maligned monsters of the old series choes some of the successful reintroductions of recent years Also while Miles is writing for the Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript eighth Doctor and certainly captures Paul McGann s Doctor his dialoguespecially choes that of Matt Smith s Doctor Indeed once one moves past the prologue it feels like a New Series two parter xpanded upon to fit the novel s page count with the last scene of the novel Infamous easily being a final scene with some voiceover and a Murray Gold score on top of In thend then I can t help but feel that for all Miles rails on his blog against the New Series in this one novel he invented so much of it in the space of 313 pagesMoving on from its influences on the New Series Alien Bodies is just a damn good book In a way it s interesting to compare Alien Bodies with immediate predecessor in the EDAs John Peel Alien Bodies with its immediate in the EDAs John Peel ill regarded War Of The Daleks Both books make strong use of the show s then 35 year continuity with references from it sprinkled throughout interludes between large chunks of the narrative and large cast of characters Miles manages to do all of that and he does it successfully than Peel Why Because unlike Peel he doesn t become a slave to continuity and is also than capable of poking fun at the same time that he s rehabilitating a much maligned monster His interludes are connected to the main story helping to fill in chunks of what got the characters to where they are at the novel s beginning rather than be inconseuential cutaways just to bring in a random piece of continuity While I would argue that Peel did well with his characters in War of The Daleks the ones that Miles presents feel tangible real possibly because they re not all Thal soldiers or DaleksIt also helps that Miles has a wonderful writing style His prose flows rather nicely and he handles the ver shifting tone of the narrative deftly as he goes from serious revelations those cliffhanger moments of the classic series to Douglas Adams style moments of whimsy to xplosions and character moments without the narrative ver getting lost This is also the book that introduced Faction Paradox and the aforementioned war in the Time Lords future against the Enemy that would come to dominate much of the range for years to come It s asy to see this book as being to the EDAs what I think Paul Cornell s Timewyrm Revelation was for the New Adventures where they really began For all that and for so much Alien Bodies might be the best Doctor Who book you ve never read Now I m sure the majority of you reading this review have read it but for fans such as myself who came in after the party that was the Wilderness Years had given way to the New Series it s a book that we might never get the chance to read It s certainly the kind of book that we re unlikely to ver see Doctor Who produce again So if you can find it and can afford it once you have get it A startling reminder that before he was a ranting man on the internet Lawrence Miles wrote startlingly good Doctor Who You can see why a man might be bitter though when he came up in the space of th. Dder is something horrifying than ven the Doctor could have imagined something that could change his life foreverAnd just when it seems things can't get any worse the Doctor finds out who lse is on the guest list. Alien Bodies

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