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Destination Unexpected: Short Stories

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ñ Donald R. Gallo

Should stop hanging around Dalton before she gets into anything else bad short stories of small life changing events that help the main character discover about their identity This book was good I like short stories main character discover about their identity This book was good I like short stories they have different point of views This books was filled with short stories about destination of young teens I can relate to the teens in this book because I too don t know my destination This book gave me a look about what I want my future to be and how the struggles can get in the away of destination I love the plots and themes of the stories The theme were mainly misunderstanding among teens It seems like nowadays teens are misunderstood and look down at because of there age I think all teenagers should read this book because the teenage years can be really hard and confusing and overwhelming with emotions and situations in life I actually put off reading this book for a really long time becaue I ve never really liked short storiesI mean what s the point of wasting your time on something that is only l I am sold on sing short stories to explore an author or genre briefly before committing to a longer work I read all of the short stories in Destination Unexpected Not only did I find new authors but I Wciv, Volume 1 uickly found distinct and differentalities among many writers in a short period of time Teens can enjoy some good stories while experimenting with different genres and authors whose styles may attract new readers to their longer pieces It would also be a good way for teen English classes to learn about and to discuss style tone mood theme and other literary tools since these stories are easily Even Monsters Need Haircuts understood interesting to teens andickly read My favorite short stories from this book confirmed why I like one author so much Margaret Peterson Haddix My People and introduced me to a few others whose longer works I will eagerly look for like Joyce Sweeney Something Old Something New Parents need to know the short story entitled Brutal Interlude by Ron Koertge seems to treat intimate New Parents need to know the short story entitled Brutal Interlude by Ron Koertge seems to treat intimate sexual relations as a normal part of teen relationships even as he strongly asserts that shallow physical relationships are not satisfying I am sensitive to teen sex being portrayed as normal and am glad to avoid longer works containing this premise Being able to make choices about authors and genres is a great reason to make se of short stories as guides for selection 10 January 2003 DESTINATION UNEXPECTED Short Stories edited by Donald R Gallo Candlewick Press May 2003 0 7636 1764 4 Nice pipes Have you ever done radio So asked the woman to whom our hostess had just introduced me It was a New Year s Day party hosted by Allo s parents Allo being a witty young man who we ve known for years He played Bobby in our production of The Misfits last spring and won t get to read this review for a while since he is presently On A Plane To Scotland To Visit Grandparents And Hopefully a plane to Scotland to visit grandparents and hopefully Jo Rowling at an pcoming signing in Edinburgh Yeah I repliedI did some back in the Eighties Actually the journey there taking classes at the junior college to learn the craft from a retired station manager on how to put together sets of great tunes write news create imaginary commercials record PSAs somewhat overcome my fear of microphones and get the opportunity to produce and record my own full cast and effects version of We re All Bozos on This Bus was much fun than the reality of the destination sitting in that little room by myself once I was given Ssion PUBLISHERS WEEKLY starred review A New York Public Library Book for the Teen. I am sad to report that this book turned out to be just okay I
love anthologies and 
anthologies and a lot from this one but somehow this book fell short There WERE fun times like stories that seemed based on or weaved from teen romcoms that a lot of peoplereaders enjoy and ite touching moments like those stories about self discovery and travelling but at the end the overall impact remained to be just as in everybody s favorite one word text reply K Donald R Gallo does a commendable job in creating a genuine character My favorite short story out of Gallo s Destination Unexpected is Margaret Peterson Haddix s My People because one s Destination Unexpected is Margaret Peterson Haddix s My People because one that this narrative carries that differs from the rest of the tales is that the reader can relate to its protagonist I can acknowledge how Lindley feels about being surrounded by different people of different statuses in an nfamiliar placeLindley s situation reminds me of my own when I first walked in to kindergarten The feeling of dread overwhelmed me just like it did to Lindley We both have our similarities starting from در آخرین روزهای رضاشاه us stepping into a new school tos meeting foreign people who were new to ourselves Becoming accustomed to new things around me taught me that everybody has to adapt to changes some time or later These were delightful and delicious short stories there could have been I picked it Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens up because I m reading many things by Margaret Haddix and she is included in this collection Her story My People was much different from the dark and dystopian world of Among the Hidden that alone was cool knowing she has depth and variety The first story Something Old Something New reminded me of the fairy tale theme where a young man goes on a journey and encounters three beings sometimes people butsually animals in need and stops to help them They return the favor in magical ways The hero in this book is just traveling from the wrong side of town where he lives to the posh side where he is going to accept an award He has to take any number of buses and encounters people in need on his way That isn t really the point of the story nor is there any sense that they return the favor but I love how human and noble it makes him how confident he approaches the award ceremonyThere are stories all of them good some great The characters in these stories aren t really described at all The only thing they describe in each little story is the way they travel to different places and see weird people THey also experience things that change the way they look in that world Such as Andy one of the girls traveling to a different place went to church with a friend and got kicked out because she had never met this kid nor did she know what trouble he has been in Dalton the kid that hung out around Andy had got her into trouble by trying to leave the restaurant without paying so made Andy pay for all their meal Andy didn t know what she was getting herself into because she has never met the kid but was traveling through different places with her family In this world if i was Andy I would start getting to know people a lot better so I wouldn t get myself into any trouble especially if I was new to the town In Andy s position at the restaurant I would have just left Dalton after paying for the whole meal You don t just expect someone to pay for you if you are trying to get in trouble with the law Not paying for your meal could get you into a lot of trouble such as jail fines and court cost I think that after that incident Andy. Enlightening relevant and expertly compiled this anthology will leave a lasting impre. He opportunity to intern at my favorite radio station of that time KVRE FM in Santa Rosa Life is so strange when you don t knowHow can you tell where you re going toYou can t be sure of any situationSomething could change and then you won t know Missing Persons I have always loved radio And yes I was a sucker for Paul Fleischman s SEEK I grew p back East listening to Dan Ingram Cousin Brucie Murray the K Harry Harrison Imus in the Morning and Allison Steele The Nightbird Later after college I discovered the late Seventies musical eclecticism and political commentary of WPKN These days I m a Foghead KFOG s World Class rock from San Francisco nicely complements the Pink and No Doubt CDs that Rosemary cranks p at home Driving to school today Dave Morey segued from Closer to Fine into Tempted and simply made my morning Putting together good short story anthologies seems to me to be ite analogous to putting together really nice sets of music You choose the right authors for your audience pick really tasty stories and segue them in the perfect order to create a whole greater than the sum of the parts Goin down the road and feelin bad Traditional When it comes to young adult literature there is no literary DJ in the business whose sets are a enjoyable experience than Don Gallo Don s latest book DESTINATION UNEXPECTED contains the kind of YA author roster for which his story collections have become known Alex Flinn Margaret Peterson Haddix Kimberly Willis Holt Ron Koertge David Lubar Richard Peck Graham Salisbury Joyce Sweeney Will Weaver and Ellen Wittlinger Since nearly half the stories created during the history of the world contain journeys of some sort these authors were not hampered by the book s theme in creating superb stories to contribute Where will I be when I go back homeWho will I see when I m all aloneAnd you tell me What am I go back homeWho will I see when I m all aloneAnd you tell me What am I to do David Crosby There are journeys across town across the country and across the street And there are those metaphorical journeys of young people getting to a new nderstanding This time I have really led myself astray Soul Asylum Some of the most powerful stories in the collection are Keep Smiling by Alex Flinn and Bad Blood by Will Weaver In the first two young people who are linked nknowingly by a tragic car crash in their community share a ride to a camp where they ll work with nderprivileged kids In share a ride to a camp where they ll work with Pedro and Me underprivileged kids In second a young man from a family of thieves works a scam against an old woman withnexpected results Then there s David Lubar s Bread on the Water wherein a kid after he s kicked out of church one Sunday for screwing around with his buddy learns a real life lesson in how to love thy neighbor I don t know where I m running now I m just running on Jackson Browne My own journey has taken than enough Break Us (Nikki Kill unexpected turns since those nights of spinning out progressive rock at KVRE I recently bumped into the formerly young guy who was the soul of the station back then He s a trial lawyer these days DESTINATION UNEXPECTED will give young readers cause to pause and contemplate their own roads takenor notRichie Partington MLISRichie s Picks Very well done sampler of different authors most of which I v read before but a few new to me if my to read list weren t already a mile long and if I were of a fan of books for teens I would be taking notice of a lot of titles Still can tite give it four stars because it really doesn t transcend genre and the stories are too short to be memorable in my opinio. AgeA Bank Street College Recommended Teen BookA Children's Literature Choice List Tit.