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Caught in the Act

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Is at the end "Of The Book It S Always So Refreshing To Open "the book It s always so refreshing to open Betina Krahn book and I ve always had ond memories of two of her early works Caught in the Act and its seuel Behind Closed Doors However you know how memories are In this case they were correct It was a joy to reread Caught in the Act tempered with a little melancholy because Ms Krahn seems to be taking a rest rom writing As much as we readers sometime orget authors are human beings too sometimes their personal lives hit bumps in the road. BLING KNAVES A DARING THIEF OF HEARTS AND AN knaves a daring thief of hearts and an yet ingenious young beauty will be undone by the most delectable treachery of all rapturous irresistible love. In matters of love and "sex are counterbalanced her great intelligence and spirit I wish there could be heroines "are counterbalanced by her great intelligence spirit I wish there could be heroines there that are both beautiful and smart without being irritaingly perfect A great read if you can ind it Surprisingly unny at times with interesting Hh It was a treat to read and the hero is swoon worthy with some very sexy scenarios Be sure to read the authors note irst as it gives you the meanings of some of the words commonly used at that time period in Elizabethan England which. Us unexpected "Turn When Emotional Debts "when emotional debts due SWEET REWARDS In a Tudor England teeming with intrigues and absurdities in a hotbed of scheming scoundrels and bum. ,
This was one of the irst romance novels I ever read and I still pick it up every now and first romance novels I ever read and I still pick it up every now and just or old times sake It s bawdy it s romantic it s smartI can t say enough about it What I love most is the hero Gentleman Jack For once we get a rouge who doesn t treat women like dirt He worships women and understands them He s a ladies man in "The Best Sense And I "best sense and I in love with him and I can see how his innocent bride Frost at Midnight falls so easilyor him Merrie Straffen is one of my Princess Baby, Night-Night favorite heroines Her naivete. SECRET PLACES A shocking liaison accidentally observed opensloodgates of deception and desire HIDDEN COSTS A rogue's game of passionate betrayal takes an audacio. ,

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