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G school girls in a tent filled with lame sporting metaphors thanok that S As Far As as far as can manage I m looking forward to seeing what sub species of lesbian pulp stereotype the author attacks next The next in the Career Girl series and so far the only one to take place largely away from the Magdalena Arms But the Metamora Academy is ust as interesting a setting and perhaps one the author will return to again Plenty of school days literary chestnuts get cracked with wry glee while still maintaining a story and characters you can care about There are conspiracies and crushes aplenty to keep you entertained all the way through The book was so much fun I read it in two days Great fun very camp and Bobby is delightfully oblivious to pretty much everything Light pulp entertainment and good at tha. Tes have nothing in commonuntil they Il metodo dell'ovulazione. Atlante join Bobby's teamMiss Craybill Could Metamora's revered headmistress have something sinister to hideWith a fearsome field hockey team to build and the suspicious death of the former Math Mistress to solve Bobby Blanchard has her hands full But the intrepid gym teacher has a knack for uncovering every girl's secrets And along the way she mayust learn some thrilling lessons about lo. S completely obliviousness to hers despite making out with women every other chapter However Bobby struggles with teaching because she thinks she s an with women every other chapter However Bobby struggles with teaching because she thinks she s an ock so there s plenty to explore Read my full review at Grab the Lapels I was recommended this book on the strength of the lesbian pulp fiction like accountIt sounds like an awesome book to read rightUnfortunately maybe because it was such a dedicated rendition of a pulp fiction book I didn t really like this story I found myself laughing out loud at several passages Was this the intent I don t know I found it distracting and confusing FOR THAT REASONTWO STARS JUST ENTERTAINING that reasonTwo stars Just entertaining only for a while After some pages you simply go on automatically Her best so far More full of plot holes than an old hockey net camp than a group of boardin. Hool will unearth than one girl's hidden abilities and spur some ardent rivalry between pupils and teachers on and off the field includingLaura Burnham the bohemian Art Mistress sultry seductiveand marriedEnid Butler the Math Mistress has a natural eye for figuresMrs Mona Gilvang housekeeper and resident merry widow she stirs up than hot cocoaCarole Kerwin and Angela Cohen O'Shea the student body's most promising athle. ,

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Ok I get it It s a fun cheesy 60 s lesbian pulp fiction style romp and I really enjoyed that part of it Everyone being super gay and hooking up while solving a murder I love it Racism and statutory rape though Kinda ruined it Really could have ust not included those parts This is a great parody of lesbian pulp fiction of the 50s and 60s A light fun read I found the characters clunky
Understanding And Application Of 
and application of psychology annoying Bobby would read one textbook And Suddenly Understand Her suddenly understand her including obvious things that she should ve understood before and all the teachers went around uoting psychology texts I didn t realize the book would turn out to be a mystery and that part was fun I found Bobby s confidence in her sexuality a bit of a relief compared to Lois Lenz. Wayward Schoolgirls Wild Passions And Winning At Any CostWelcome to Metamora Academy for Girls where some rules are made to be brokenRoberta Bobby Blanchard is crushed when an accident forces her to leave the glamorous world of professional field hockey As Games Mistress at Metamora Academy she's dismayed to learn that sports take a backseat to literary and artistic pursuits But Bobby's arrival at the elite boarding sc. ,
Bobby Blanchard Lesbian Gym Teacher
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