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Wow I ve always admired Pre Raphaelite art and I d heard A Things Here few things here there about Effie Gray the wife of John Everett Millais but I had no idea that she d been through so much rief with her first husband the critic John RuskinRuskin never consummated his marriage to Effie he had a taste for slender young Building the South Side: Urban Space and Civic Culture in Chicago, 1890-1919 girls in early adolescence John Ruskin loved youngirls innocents on the verge of womanhood He became enchanted with twelve year old Effie when she visited Herne Hill in the late summer of 1840 The next time he saw her John Ruskin *Felt She Was Very Graceful * she was very Cite Right: A Quick Guide to Citation Styles--MLA, APA, Chicago, the Sciences, Professions, and More graceful had lost something of herood looks After he had won her hand in 1847 and she was still only nineteen Effie was too old to be truly desirable The last Classic Rough News girl he developed a crush on was just ten years oldRuskin tried to make people believe the rift was all Effie s fault because she was mentally ill and that he had taken the blame for the failed marriage to spare her Creepy Gaslighting Alert Ruskin had been friends with John Everett Millais Effie s new husband and after this mess told Millias he wanted to remain friends Millais naturally declinedThis is areat story well written and researched Just watched a movie based on this three characters written by Emma Thompson A look at the scandalous love triangle between Victorian art critic John Ruskin his teenage bride Effie Gray and Pre Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais I really enjoyed this book The Pre Raphaelites are one of my favorite periods of art so I m always lad to read a story related to them Effie Gray was a beautiful educated young woman when she married art critic John Ruskin at age 19 Ruskin had become obsessed with her at age 12 but when he saw her on their wedding night it was not what he had expected I did some research on him after reading the book and it looks like he was not homosexual as some have suggested but may have been a pedophile although looking at child pornography was not illegal or considered dangerous during the Victorian Age It can be linked through several of his relationships with young irls that he usually fell in love with them at a very young age but was less interested once they Class Warfare: Class, Race, and College Admissions in Top-Tier Secondary Schools got older In any case he did not consummate his marriage to Effie even though they were married for 6 or 7 years Effie wanted toet out of the marriage and so filed for annulment and Ruskin was pronounced impotent While she was married to Ruskin she fell in love with Ruskin s young prot John Everett Millais whom she later married This first half of the book was fascinating and very well done Although Ruskin is made to look like a crazy pervert and his parents come off rather creepy as well I m still very curious about his books as they sound fascinating It seems that Effie did marry a very brilliant man but one with almost no social skills I rather think the author should ve stopped the book at the halfway mark but she decided to continue and talk about Effie and Millais s or Everett as he was known marriage their children and Everett s art career with and after the Pre Raphaelites There was a lot of talk calling Everett a sell out after he left the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood or PRB but I think he was ingenious Unlike a lot of other artists of the period he had to support himself and his wife and eight children so he did whatever he had to do to survive and make money So yes his picture style naturally changes from the Medievaldetailed look of his earlier pictures to the Aesthetic looking pictures of his later career Pretty much everyone knows who Millais is from one of his PRB paintings Ophelia I liked how much Effie and her family were and how much she depended on them to deal with her marriages and loss of children I thought the chapter on Sophy Gray Effie s younger Gray particularly interesting As to whether or not Sophy and Everett had an affair I cannot speculate on that It is intriguing to note that there will be two movies out in 2014 about Effie Gray though I think I will see the one written by Emma Thompson 4 stars Excellent although possibly not organized in the best way Flashbacks are confusing Pretty interesting biography of the wife of John Ruskin perhaps the first section on their doomed marriage is the most compulsive part Ruskin remains a total enigma enius in the art world a man who liked his own company liked living with his parents liked little Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare girls but not women just why did he saddle himself with a wife As the much younger Effie ignored and untouched by her husband takes to socializing she faces the increasing unpleasantness of Ruskin and his doting parents And as arowing friendship develops with her husband s prot conquest and community:the afterlife of warrior saint ghazi miyan g artist John Millais separation is on the cardsThe scandal in Victorian England of divorce following this non marriage much public censure particularly of Effie and the subseuent life with Millais takes up the rest of the volume Effie remained close all her life to her family in Scotland and they too form a la. Effie Cooper hasained exclusive access to Effie's previously unseen letters and diaries to tell the The model wifeSed to eat thinking she was to fat and became semi infertileshe later went on to become a mother of one not having her monthly illnesses Basically Anorexia nervosa is the Victorian Version of today s anorexia Suzanne Composition and Literature: Bridging the Gap goes intoreat detail about the treatments which I found very interestingI know that sounds weird but I have a obsession with knowing how insanity was dealt with in the past as I have OCD and often wonder about past treatmentsANYWAY Back on subject BRILLIANT BOOK I felt as if I walked away with *a friend in the ending of the biography * friend in the ending of the biography Beautifully written well researched biography which ives reader s a look into Victorian lifeBLOODY GOOD SHOW CHAPS 5 STARSNOW FOR SOME PICTURESEffie GrayJohn Everett MillaisMr and Mrs Millais and their daughters Effie jr and Mary Millais Photograph was taken by Lewis CarrollJohn Ruskin The History of EffieRuskin and Millais has caught the attention of movie makersP and there are now two movies that are coming out Effie Starring Dakota FanningUntouched Starring Keira Knightley Out of the two I m looking forward to Untouched starring Keira Knightley Keira is my favourite actress out of the two and has some of Effie s facial features very little but Dakota dosent have a lot eitherEffie Gray and Keira KnightleyEffie Grey And Dakota Fanning This account is about three prominent people in Victorian England Effie married a man who was abusive and refused to consummate their relationship She sued for an annulment which was unheard of at the time He was an up and coming art critic She and one of her first husband s associates a famous painter in his own right fall in love marry have 8 children The book explores these and other close relationships with a watchful eyeThe book is also about what it was like to live in Victorian society I learned several important things 1 The life of women at the time was repressed oppressed and only significant when associated with a man 2 Most of these people suffered from ill health Medicine was very backward Most doctors prescribed behavioral treatments or other superstitious remedies that were ineffective 3 Many suffered from mental illness anorexia depression and anxiety but these were often experienced and treated as body maladies 4 Childbirth was dangerous For example Effie s mother had 17 pregnancy and lost 8 of them Overall the story was sad and made me lad I was born during a enlightened time This is an excellent look into the life of Effie Grey who is primarily known for her marriages in the world of Victorian art Cooper had unprecedented access to Effie s letters enerously lent by the Millais family For the most part Cooper makes excellent use of them as she untangles Effie s first and rather troubled marriage to John Ruskin Ruskin s voice is so powerful and so authoritative even all these years later that it is a joy to finally hear Effie to et her side of the tale However I would have liked to have literally heard her voice instead of the novel like descriptions of what Effie must have been feeling or seeing that Cooper relied upon to set the scene Cooper also worked to rehabilitate Effie s reputation as the cause of Millais selling out and her discussion on the working relationship in their marriage is a must for any Millais scholarThe early chapters on the Ruskin marriageannulment are the strongest perhaps because they are naturally the most dramatic and are the best documented in Effie s correspondence After Effie s marriage to Millias Cooper s sense of time starts to unravel I enjoyed and commend Cooper s tackling the idea of how Effie s surprising stand against Ruskin fighting for an annulment and her freedom instead of uietly moving out of the house affected future enerations of women in her family and women as a whole Cooper demonstrates the trajectory of women s freedom and how the vanguard soon becomes The Status Uo However She Often Jumps Around Too Much status uo However she often jumps around too much time leaving the reader feeling a bit adrift Her chapter on Sophy Grey Effie s young sister is likewise rich though it too often felt like armchair psychologyOverall an excellent and revealing biography of an exceptional woman This is perfectly fine But I ot a little bogged down at times mainly because I ve read lots about these people before and have seen the Emma Thompson movie so I already know the overall story this was a little detail than I needed at this time But for a first encounter with the subject it will certainly fill you in Such a fascinating book about art and women in Victorian England I would have liked to o in depth in some areas but I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Effie Gray from her disastrous first marriage to her life as the wife social secretary and business advisor to the reatest painter of the Victorian age Particularly valuable is Cooper s defence of Millais s development out of the PRB though I could have done with much depth A reat book for any fan of Pre Raphaelites Victoriana or clever and entrepreneurial wome. H Ruskin and Millais with Effie emerging as a key figure in their artistic development Full description. ,

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Rge part of the narrative her sister mentally ill *And Anorexic Effie And Went On To Have Eight * anorexic Effie and Millais went on to have eight who also brought their issues and who seem to have been shunted off a lot to their maternal randparents And all the time Millais reputation in the art world Couplings grewVery readable A wonderfully written account of Effie Millais life and areat depiction of what Victorian England must have been like Suzanne Fagence Cooper writes a story using Effie s Letters to and from her family and friends her and her husbands diariesWhen I first picked up Effie in WaterstonesI was expecting some great love affair But it s then that It s the love affair But it s then that It s the behind the two men she called husband After finishing the book I felt an acute sense that I knew Effie and I really felt for her I came away from the book feeling as if I had made a friendEffie was probably one of the influential woman of early victorian woman s rights Effie married to John Ruskina renowned art critic in the Victorian England as well as a man who refused to consummate his marriageWe are left in the dark sadly about why John Ruskin refused Effie except by what Effie said and what Ruskin himself saidIn a letter to her FatherGeorge Grayafter five years of marriage and the catalyst of falling in Love with John Everett Millaiswho s patron was Ruskin Effie finally told her father about her unfortunate marriage and his apparent reasons for his rejection of her He alleged various reasons hatred to children religious motives a desire to preserve my beauty and finally this last year he told me his true reason that he had imagined women were uite different to what he saw I was and that the reason he did not make me his Wife was because he was disgusted with my person the first evening 10th AprilJohn Ruskin confirmed these in his statements at courtIt may be thought strange that I could abstain from a woman who to most people was so attractive But though her face was beautiful her person was not formed to excite passion On the contrary there were certain circumstances in her person which completely checked it His Disgust with Effie s person is unknownEffie went through the undignified act of a virginity test Effie passedproving that Ruskin had not consummated his marriage and therefore it was not legally bindingEffie Chicana Falsa got her annulment A year after the annulment Effie married John Everett Millais The Man who had made her want to be free in order to marry again even though she was hesitant about entering into another marriage after the marriage she had just been through a marriage she never fullyot overYou would think the tale ends here but no Suzanne Fagence Copper takes us through Effie s entire life up until her death We find out the fates of her children The trails of Victorian EnglandEffie s life was not all sunshine and happiness after her second marriage She was no longer accepted into ueen Victoria s Presence because of her annulment ueen Victoria thought Effie should have kept her mouth shut Even though Victoria s children still liked Effie and EverettHer children and her parents and sisters were riddled with sickness and insanityTo D'Albuquerque's Children: Performing Tradition in Malaysia's Portuguese Settlement go through this must have been hard and increases my view that Effie is in fact one of the strongest Victorian woman that I know of Effie is my favorite but Georgiana Cavendish comes in second as of nowOne of the most romantic things that I have read of in a long while is the story of when Everett Millais was dieing in his deathbeddieing of throat cancerueen Victoria s daughter Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll went to visit the Millais and while she was thereave Millais message from the ueen who wondered if there was anything she could do for himJohn Everett could no longer speak due to the cancer and simply wrote Yeslet her receive my wife To me that shows an enduring love that even on his deathbed he thought only of herPeople familiar with John Everett Millais work will have seen the portrait of thirteen year old Sophy Gray Effie s Younger sister simply titled Sophy Gray The painting is Apparently a sensual and knowing image which provoked uestions of Millais relationship with his sister in lawThere was a strong affection between the two and it could have possibly lead to a mutual infatuation between them HoweverI don t believe this due to the fact that there is not enough evidence and Effie as well as Her parents did not seem to care about the friendship between the two Letting him chaperone herIt is RUMORED that Effie had to send Sophy away because of concerns that she and Millais were Desire and Truth: Functions of Plot in Eighteenth-Century English Novels growing too closeBut the sisters remained close until the end of their lives and Effie often invited Sophy to stay with herself and Everett My interpretation of the Sophy Gray is of airl coming into awareness of her beauty and her body The knowing look is sort of like I know I m hot And 13 year old Sophy Gray did so much so that she tried to stay that way as she Deliberative Choices: Debating Public Policy in Congress grew into a woman She suffered from Anorexia nervosa She refu. Omplete story of this scandalous love triangle This passionate love story also looks at the work of bot.

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