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Midnight is a PlaceWorld But here s the thing sometimes it doesn t matter how I feel about a book I can not be wholly comfortable with something but I CAN RECOGNISE HOW GREAT IT can recognise how great it I can recognise the mark of an author who is fine fine fine with her craft and I can understand how important this might be to somebody just discovering what anguage is and what it can be shaped to be I would recommend this without batting an eyelid because it is good powerful bold fiction et aussi j aime Anna Marie One of my favourite childhood authors I am on a major Joan Aiken kick I am amazed by much of what she does strong willed smart young protagonists dizzying plots a delight in anguage including excellent cockney slang a fine historical sense for detail and the occasional odd metaphysical touch such as telepathy or Arthurian egends come to Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights life What a genius I have enjoyed everything I ve read by her and am pleased she was so prolific because there s so mucheft to exploreThis book finds her in a restrained Dickensian mode no sea captains obsessed with pink whales Young Lucas and Anna Marie must fend for themselves in industrializing Blastburn and Aiken s portrayal of the industrial revolution in England is spot on While the book succeeds as an adventure story it would be particularly good young readers working their way towards difficult uestions about work wealth and progress 90 years after read it the image of the carpet making machine and the child Still Life with Chickens labor used to pick blobs of yarn off the carpets still haunts me THIS is the book I read in Grade 7 that I ve been searching for for years I owe a huge thank you to GoodReads member Oolookitty who steered me this way after I posted a review of A Chance Child She recognized the carpet scene I d remembered from my childhood It was as nailbiting to read as it was when I was younger from the winding sewer passages to the factory floorA Midnight Place is really a delight to read with Dickensian themes of orphans and industrial England showcasing hardships and triumphs The ending is perhaps aittle TOO tidy but as a youth novel that explored many dark themes around hardship and bullying and fear and responsibility it seems fair to end it on a positive note All of the characters ultimately got what they deserved in as civilized as manner as they could hope forAs an added bonus I found it a delight to read all the French sprinkled through the story There hope forAs an added bonus I found it a delight to read all the French sprinkled through the story There Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea loose translations in the dense sections but the story doesn t hold the readers hand muchike how the English characters would experience Anne Marie s conversation The meanings are often clear through context Also it was nice to see such a strong young female she had moments of weakness but ultimately took charge stood up for herself and innovated solutions to her problems There wasn t even a whisper that she should take on some sort of matriarchal or family role no suggestion of seeking marriage to be kept She and Lucas both were written as euals in character and capability both with open potential to be explored as they mature It was refreshing. Ist nicht nur unfreundlich und völlig verzogen sondern auch noch ein französisches Mädchen Was soll er mit so jemandem schon anfange. .
Bookshops in the hopes of building up my collection My copy of this wonderful book was bought From The Glebe Library Years Ago And the Glebe Library years ago and has its yellow cardboard filing card in an envelope glued inside the front cover Happily her books have all recently been re issued with fabulous new covers and so are easy to get hold of now It s difficult to exactly categorise Joan Aiken s work It s historical fiction with a Dickensian feel thanks to its brilliantly drawn characters both comic and villainous unusual names and dark atmospheric settings Her stories are fabulously inventive and often have surprising elements in them ike pink whales Some of the books have an alternative historical setting with Good King James III on the throne of England and the wicked Hanoverians trying to blow up Parliament HouseMIDNIGHT IS A PLACE is the most realist of her novels and uite possibly her darkest It tells the story of a onely boy named Lucas who ives at Midnight Court next to a smoggy industrial town called Blastburn His guardian is a foul tempered brandy drinking eccentric who won the great house in a card game many years before One day the orphaned daughter of the previous owner comes to STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare live at Midnight Court Soon Lucas and Anna Marie areeft destitute and must fend for themselves in the tough streets of Blackburn There is one particular scene set in the carpet making factory that I shall never forget as a child it burnt itself in the carpet making factory that I shall never forget as a child it burnt itself into my imagination It is also striking for its refusal to restore the children s ost wealth instead they find happiness by making their own way in the world Joan Aiken is one of the great children s writers and deserves to be much widely celebrated I ve never wholly clicked with Joan Aiken I think sometimes some of it stems from my preferences I ike stories with a particular taste and style and frame I Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays like being able to handle them and know what I m going to get and then being delighted in how my expectations are subverted Outfox me please Iong for it But I think with Joan Aiken I m always struggling to understand trying to figure out what s going on and where it is and how I should feel about that This is no criticism it s a testament to her wild imagination and fiercely convincing world building Everything feels right and then suddenly off A mirror cracked A world remade and reshaped by somebody who is undoubtedly brilliant I am a Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All little cowed by that I think and it s hard for me to find my place in the text And yet Midnight Is A Place is outstanding fierce rich full of detail but it s a detail that I chase after and never uite get hold of There s so much packed in this novel family history dramatic personal change hogs in sewers that I ache for time to explore it to discover about this and that before being pulled away to study the other And again this is a testament to how good she is there s so much here whether it s the nuanced subtle details of character or the barely managed wilderness of theandscape or it s simply those hogs that roam the sewers that thread ike an artery underneath the. En geheimnisvollen Neuankömmling bringt Endlich ein Freund für Lucas Seine Hoffnungen werden mit einem Schlag vernichtet der Neuling. ,

Joan Aiken is a master at creating atmosphere and Midnight Is a Place is no exception the book could well be called a Gothic novel for children with Is a Place is no exception the book could well be called a Gothic novel for children with orphaned hero and heroine disagreeable guardian mysterious events and gloomy setting Lucas Bell an orphan ives with his guardian Sir Randolph Grimsby and his tutor Julian Oakapple in an old mansion called Midnight Court Soon after the arrival of Anna Marie another orphan and the grandchild of the previous owner of Midnight Court Lucas and Anna Marie are forced to fend for themselves on the streets of the dismal city of Blastburn There is never a dull moment the story speeds along through the dangerous mill where the workers may be crushed by a press or drowned in glue to the sewers where man eating hogs run in packs The force of Aiken s imagination is present on every page in the suspenseful story the memorable characters and the ominous atmosphere Although this entertaining Victorian melodrama shares no characters with any of the books in Aiken s Wolves Chronicles it is set in the same fictional Britain as the series Opening in Blastburn the dreary industrial city ast seen in The Wolves of Willoughby Chase the novel follows the adventures of Lucas and Anna Marie two well to do children who find themselves unexpectedly orphaned and pennilessAs Lucas and Anna Marie struggle to survive in a cold and hostile world they also find themselves involved in many of the convoluted plot ines for which Aiken is well known This well constructed novel has always been one of the author s best known works but I have never found it as satisfying a read as some of her others The characters simply don t interest me enough to arouse a strong emotional reaction Fair or not Anna Marie is no Dido Twite 35 starsAiken is emotional reaction Fair or not Anna Marie is no Dido Twite 35 starsAiken is uniue writer it s generally alternative action historical fiction Some stories have some paranormal elements in them I ve decided to abel her books historical fantasy I made up that genre name but I The League for the Suppression of Celery like itThis one is a stand alone novel It takes place in the town of Blastburn with Yorkshire ish accents a setting in The Wolves of Willoughby Chase but this is the only connection to that book or series The review uoted on the back of the book gives away aot of the plot so don t read that The writing is very good the details shine with creativity Part 1 and Part 2 of the book are uite different In Part 3 we see all those threads tie together and that was great fun We have read this book together many times and agree it s one of our all time favourite books A feel good book to read aloud by the fire Twice orphaned children endure hardship and adventure We ove the scenes of the carpet factory and istening with horror to the occupation of toshing with man eating hogs The sanctuary of the ice house and interweaving storylines fall beautifully into place The copy I have is one of the few items I have from my childhood and a very treasured possession Joan Aiken is one of my all time favourite children s writers Her books were out of print for a while and I haunted second hand. Von seinem Fenster im düsteren Schloß Mitternacht beobachtet Lucas Bell Ziehkind des Besitzers Sir Randolph wie eine Reisekutsche ein.