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BreadfruitI usually don t read this kind of books This one was a wildcard I chose from a bargain bin Now I love that bargain bin maybe I should have bought books because this one was great Materena is an enchanting character I find her resourceful and independent so I am excited to see what else she will do in other books This was a delightful reading and I look forward to read of Materena s adventures Materena lives in Tahiti with Pito and their three children On night while drunk Pito None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) proposes marriage Materena is ecstatic and beginslanning while drunk Pito Puta proposes marriage Materena is ecstatic and beginslanning wedding However Pito never brings up the subject again and Materena realizes it is not to be and they settle back into their routine until Pito does something and Materena realizes that she is better off not married because if she tires f him she can t just send Pito back to his mother Time goes on And Pito Finds Something That Makes Him Think Materena Is Pito finds something that makes him think Materena is leaving him He is shocked He now understands he does want to be married Materena refuses He tries for six months to get her to change her mindThis is a wonderfully told story about life in Tahiti Each chapter contains a little story about an event or family member Loved this So funny Oddly enough though it s set in contemporary Tahiti it reminded me of Anne of Green Gables It does have a lot in common with that book actually It takes 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 place in a rurallace the kind of town where 12 the Killer Games population are your cousins and everyone knows everyone s business It s also very domestic and women focused but issues related to largerolitical structures like colonization came up many times Told in episodes that are almost short stories the main narrative ush is whether Materena will marry her long term artner with whom she has 3 kids although there are lenty of side stories as you get a glimpse of the lives of other characters There are also some cool legends and stories told by older folks within the novel I was leasantly surprised to see some casual inclusion of both ueer and trans characters The only thing I didn t understand was that her eventual husband was mostly a useless lazy bozo although he did love her But he doesn t really take up much narrative space A nice feel good vacation read or when you wish you were on vacation but aren t In Breadfruit a seuel to Frangipani we find Materena Mahi Cocksure planning for a fabulous wedding after receiving a weddingroposal from a drunken Pito who may have forgotten his original roposal the morning after Although the couple and their three children have been together for fourteen years this is the first time she is lanning a wedding As she visits with various friends and family members we get a feel for what rural life in Tahiti is like while she is busy gathering helpful advice from her friends and family about Porto Bello Gold planning for her weddingThe story is full of uirky characters told in short chapters about the exploits of Materena and her family and fri I rarely go to literary festivals these days Almost never This is very odd because I have read books since I was a kid and my favourite fantasy was always to meet a writer inerson and have a nice literary conversation and get a signed copy of a book But after going to book launches and standing in ueues trying to get my copy of a book signed and feeling that the whole thing was being rushed and the crowd was too much the romance of book launches and literary festivals disappeared for me But there was. Materena Mahi likes movies about love And after fourteen years with Pito the father of her three children she wants a ring on her finger and a framed wedding certificate on the wall But Pito does not like movies about love He likes movies with action and as little talking as oss. A time I loved literary festivals in Mein Erster Mörder principle without having attended one I discovered C lestine Vaite s Breadfruit during my visit to my first ever literary festival which ended up being my first and last one C lestine Vaite was scheduled to give a talk at thisarticular litfest but I somehow missed that But I got this book of hers when I discovered that she was a Tahitian writer I had never read a Tahitian writer at that time still hadn t before I read this book and Tahiti always sounded like a fantasy lace for me after reading Somerset Maugham s novels and discovering Paul Gauguin This book lay on my shelf for years and a few days back I decided that the stars have aligned and the time has arrived I read this book for ReadTheWorld21 hosted by endnotes and anovelfamily which has a Pacific Island focus in May Breadfruit tells the story of Materena Materena is a rofessional cleaner She lives with her artner Pito and they have three kids The book is divided into many short chapters and each chapter describes an anecdote from Materena s life or about someone she knows her family members cousins friends Tahitian extended families are big and so Materena has lots of cousins and so there are lots of fascinating stories C lestine Vaite s rose is simple so there are lots of fascinating stories C lestine Vaite s Poems of Heaven and Hell from Ancient Mesopotamia prose is simple spare and the stories are charming and are filled with humour But as Optimus Prime says there is to the stories than meets the eye Within that deceptively simple style C lestine Vaite tackles fascinating topics the themes covered include family life the relationship between mothers and daughters love the importance or unimportance of marriage the relationship between native Tahitians and French expats the complicatedolitics in Tahiti and the resentment some eople feel against the French government the Tahitian economy and how hard it is to get a good job how Tahitians straddle between Catholicism which they ractise now and the ancient Tahitian religion which was ractised by their ancestors these and other interesting themes are explored in the book The author says in the interview at the back of the book that many of these stories were inspired by actual happenings It shows when we read the book Breadfruit is a charming depiction of Tahitian life from an insider s erspective C lestine Vaite rips away the tropical fantasy image we have of her homeland and shows us the real Tahiti It is beautiful I loved it C lestine Vaite wrote two seuels to Breadfruit I can t wait to read them The last book of the trilogy came out in 2007 I was hoping that C lestine Vaite would in 2007 I was hoping that C lestine Vaite would written books since then But it appears that there are no books after that None Nada It is like C lestine Vaite just disappeared I don t know what happened Three books is just a very slim body of work I hope she comes back one of these days and writes a fourth book And then a fifth one And Have you read Breadfruit What do you think about it Breadfruit is the first novel by Tahitian author Celestine Hitiura Vaite and the first book in the Materena Mahi series Having lived with her man for twelve years certain things including a drunken roposal from Pito himself are making her think about a wedding And she is starting to like the idea But although Materena begins making tentative lans no further mention is made and she eventually gives up on the idea Or does she As Materena makes various wedding related enuiries she also learns a lot about her family s history As sh. Ible Pito thinks that when you give a woman a ring and a wedding certificate she's going to start acting like she's the boss Eh he insists it's the rope around the neckSo when a drunken Pito finally roposes Materena thinks she wouldn't mind becoming a madame Before long every re.

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E navigates Materena s life towards the longed for union Vaite weaves together a collection of seemingly unrelated anecdotes about life and love Tahiti style as well as Tahitian legends and gossip about friends and family the many aunties and cousins one has in Tahiti that often ends up on the Coconut Radio She touches on topics as diverse as brooming totems mother in law s cake the shape of the nose new carpet mattress allergy mosuito coils rivate roperty gendarmes a transvestite girlfriend a birthday frying an religion olitics words of love family diplomacy birth Of Babies And She babies and she describes a novel form of Tahitian caller ID A light hearted look at life in Tahiti 35 stars The Monster der Woche pace of this book is gentle withlenty of space for stories and anecdotes about the lives of Materena and her friends which I LOVED I felt like I was getting to know a whole community by hearing the little details of their lives and I m always a sucker for women sharing their stories with other women The style is conversational and compulsively readable and the narration is incredibly funny and observant about eople and their uirks I also really enjoyed learning about Tahitian history and cultureRead the full review at Starship Library After reading Vaite s first novel Frangipani I had high hopes and expectations for her second in this group on novels Where the first seemed to follow a linear storyline and for her second in this group on novels Where the first seemed to follow a linear storyline and of telling the story between mother and daughter this felt like a series of short stories Each is leading to Materena s real desire for Pito to be serious in his roposal to her not to mention her hope that this means that he really loves her in a truly romantic sense This romantic hope threads through each story nicely and lends to the whimsical look at Matarena s Tahitian culture all the The book is very light hearted and warm which makes it easy for readers to love Matarena and hope for her best Having felt a connection with her first book because of the time I d spent in Hawaii and how similar some of the cultural references and relationships seemed I enjoyed watching each character develop The story unfolded in these shorter chapters but I ll admit that sometimes this lost my attention as I wanted each story to tie directly to Matarena s desire for Pito to marry her The stories didn t necessarily all have to do with the relationship er se but built around them to show us the community and family they lived among Although it didn t grab me in the same way as the first book I still really enjoyed the novel and feel that Vaite has an important voice in telling stories that show us Tahitians and their vibrant and amazing culture Celestine Vaite rocks With a light hearted hand she tells a very realistic story of the lives of Pacific Islanders in the contemporary Pacific For me ersonally as a Pacific Islander woman from Guam I appreciated the stories of Island life including some of the Ones and Zeroes political issues of colonalism from the French which manifests through the stories of Tahiti s militarism Matarena is aroduct of local girl and a military man and the colonialism from Catholic church which manifests through the story of land seizures by the Priests These are subterranean themes that run throughout her novels and can be seen if you re looking for them Militarized culture and land seizures caused by colonialism are both issues that are universal for many of the Pacific Islands and her eople. Lative is giving her advice and Materena is finding it hard to juggle her family her job and the lans for the wedding And it doesn't help that the groom to be seems to have forgotten his Kluge proposal Suddenly she's not even sure that she really wants that ring on her finger after al.

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