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This is the third book in the *eight book Baroue Cycle and also the third part of the first volume So it involves a *book Baroue Cycle and also the third part of the first volume So it involves a amount of tying together separate characters and story arcs introduced in the first two books uicksilver and King of the Vagabonds which is mostly accomplished by having Eliza meet up with Daniel Waterhouse in England Jack Shaftoe does not appear at all in this book though he is alluded to a few times by other characters His brother Bob does make an appearance near the end introducing a story arc of his own that intersects with those of a story arc of his own that intersects with those of and DanielStructurally this book follows the latter part of King of the Vagabonds in switching back and forth between two geographically distant characters points of view Where in the second book it was Eliza and Jack here it is Eliza and Daniel who are much similar in temperament and habit both are smart cautious characters who observe plan and then act rather than heedlessly throwing themselves into the thick of things This makes for suspense and sense that each narrative is building toward something as opposed

just listing along from one to the next But it also makes for fewer entertaining incidents so if ou really liked Jack s part of the last book Kotlin - Les fondamentaux du dveloppement d'applications Android you might findourself bored by this oneEliza by now is ensconced in King Louis IV s court at Versailles where she has a sponsor of sort the comte d Avaux whom she met in the previous book and who has gotten her a position as governess to the children of some noblewoman That s only a pretext for her to be at Versailles though where she has several important roles she keeps shrouded in varying degrees of secrecy Nearest to the surface she acts as personal finance manager to practically the entire court most of whose members are nearing bankruptcy trying to maintain their households and wardrobes at a suitable level of opulence Known to fewer people she corresponds with d Avaux keeping him updated on what goes on at court she also corresponds with the Natural Philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who has published his calculus She uses a couple of different codes to write her letters the letters she writes to d Avaux are written in a simpler code that she anticipates will be broken by Dutch spies who are her real audience for those missives D Avaux it was revealed in the last book is working to undermine King Louis but is not pro Dutch either I m not 100% sure how much his agenda and Eliza s overlap though I don t THINK he knows the Dutch are reading his correspondence Anyway at the highest level of secrecy she s spying for William the Prince of Orange who intends to seize power in EnglandAnd reading that paragraph ou will start to see why I don t like the title of this installment in the Baroue Cycle An odalisue is a woman whose defining feature is her idleness she s kept by others to be idle and beautiful for them Eliza who has to be the one the title refers to is dizzyingly active ALL THE TIME simultaneously doing two or three incredibly difficult things and making sure no one sees her doing them at any given time Stephenson might well have chosen the title ironically that s the only way I can see it making any senseI mentioned that Daniel Waterhouse come. The trials of Dr Daniel Waterhouse and the Natural Philosophers increase one hundredfold. uicksilver

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S back into play in this book he does and when we meet him he has come into his own as a political power player He s still a Fellow of the Royal *Society but He Doesn T Conduct Any Research Of doesn t conduct any research of own Instead he hangs around King *but he doesn t conduct any research of his own Instead he hangs around King II s dwindling court watching his doctors try to treat his advanced syphilis and talking with other people about what s going to happen next He intercedes on behalf of his fellow Puritans getting them released from jail whenever they get rounded up on suspicion of fomenting another rebellion remember that in the first book Daniel s father Drake was instrumental in bringing Oliver Cromwell to power and was rewarded for this by having his head cut off once Charles II was restored to the throne While he s watching and waiting the Glorious Revolution happens around him He knows he has played some role in bringing it about but he mostly just wanders around dazed once it actually starts unfolding Mostly he tries to keep an eye on his friend Isaac Newton who is going off the deep end abandoning physics for some sort of esoteric metaphysics His parts of the book especially compared to Eliza s and especially toward the end are anticlimactic Well the history is good but it s not much of a novel or narrative really is it There are short passages where the author becomes a bit excited though in general its uantity over uality I will read the remainng 5 books over the hopefully 40 remaining ears of my life I think I m done with The Baroue Cycle for this decade anyway fictionalized history of europe actually netherlands england france and germania during the 1680s follows the exchange in amsterdam the court of the sun king the short lived reign of james ii and continuing transformation of the scientific world newton and leibniz struggle to explain gravity and thus the solar system should science simply try to describe the universe newton or try to explain it leibniz what place is left for god and hence the catholic church if science can explain the mechanics of the world and even predict the future in the 1600s being able to predict where a planet would be in the future was viewed satanic sorcery among the religious and an assault on free will among the rest also the characters are very fun Even a well made clock drifts and must be re set from time to time Neal Stephenson Odalisue An odalisue was a chambermaid or a female attendant in a Turkish haram seraglio particularly the ladies in haram of the Ottoman sultan So the book title references Eliza who in book 2 King of the Vagabonds is rescued by Half Cock Jack King of the Vagabonds Eliza in this book enters the world of European economics and spycraft She rises from broker of the French nobility eventually earning the title Of Countess Of Zeur Countess of Zeur also aids William of Orange as he prepares to invade England gaining the added title of Duchess of ghlm The book also brings us back to Daniel WaterhouseI personally missed Jack Shaftoe but that was partially assisted because we were introduced to his brother Bob ShaftoeI ve enjoyed Volume one I m a big fan of the Age of Enlightenment and was thrilled to experience of fictionalized Pepys Newton Leibniz William of Orange etc Why do I keep reading theseIf I cou. In an England plagued by the impending war and royal insecurities as the beautiful and. Ld just have a few hundred pages of Neal Stephenson talking about the *history of science and currency without these characters I would be thrilled Likewise *of science and currency without these characters I would be thrilled Likewise he could tell me a story about these characters in which I actually believe they have some agency rather than just being pulled along by historical events that already happened This is the final book in Volume 1 of The Baroue Cycle and I am very pleased to say that Stephenson wraps things up very nicely while still leaving me wondering what happens further on This book contains both the evolving stories of Daniel Waterhouse and during the contains both the stories of Daniel Waterhouse and Eliza during the 1680 s Charles II has died and there is a new king of England however of course things are not that simple A new word is born Revolution or at least given new meaning Not only a revolving around but now a Revolution as we commonly know the word today as an uprising And Daniel and Eliza although both in completely different parts of Europe are uite in the middle of everything Neal Stephenson writes so clearly about these sophisticated political situations and also the ideas of Natural Philosophy at the time that I have no problem understanding and following along One thing I would like to mention that this first Volume has taught me and that is that humanity in the late 17th century could be just as polite nice charming vicious and vile as it is todayThere is so much uality to match the uantity of this massive Volume so if the sheer size of the books of The Baroue Cycle scare Colp you I can assureou it is than worth our time Still going strong We have all the characters from the first two books plus a few entries that only deepen the sense of the world of Europe In the previous two we got to see a lot of England and then a massive amount of the Dutch world in the second but After reading and thoroughly enjoying Cryptonomicon I instantly dove into this book hoping for nay expecting the same delightful experience I m sure that to some French andor British historians and other learned persons steeped in the esoteric machinations of the Royal Families etc this book is a delightful way to pass time I will simply call it tedious Lucid satiric verbose and imaginative as well but that is of course the very reason I started reading it to begin with All the hallmarks of Neal Stephenson buried in 20 pounds of make up wigs and cravats insufficiently illuminated by wavering tallow and plaue ridden pyres Like the others in this series the plot and characters don t really grab my attention but the writing style is so entertaining I read it anyway Finished this 3rd book in the series I enjoyed the book that features things like espionage and science cryptography and political intrigue The uestion I have did people really care on this much sexually or is the sex gratuitous But sex was free and outrageous than classical so perhaps the author was trying to depict this difference historically So while I could have done with a bit less sexual detail it does fit the time period Interesting book The book is rich in science details features the Royal Society member in the English scientific community Such characters as Isaac Newton and Liebniz Its an interesting way to brush up on history. Ambitious Eliza plays a most dangerous game as double agent and confidante of enemy king. ,