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Nd read it Good or an easy and light READ I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED THE SERIES OF BOOKS I have really enjoyed the series of books Dixie Cash I hope the sisters will continue writing The expressions and the characters Debbie Sue and Edwina are hilarious Always hilarious Dixie Cash s cozy mysteries with a steel magnolias twist are my go to books when I need something lighthearted This time the Domestic Eualizers Debbie Sue and Edwina volunteer their services to a aded country music ueen accused of murder Debbie Sue s husband Buddy always tells them to let the professionals handle it they never do and they usually always end up in a pickle But somehow everything turns out all right Dark endings are just not a Dixie Cash thin. Uncanny resemblance to a cleaning supply closet Darla inds herself in trouble than a Dixie Chick in merry old England Luckily Debbie Sue and Edwina are not only the proud owners of Salt Lick's best beauty parlor but they also moonlight as private detectives And if *The Domestic Eualizers Can't Get * Domestic Eualizers can't get the bottom of a murderous musical mess then no one ca. T when Roxie the young wife is The Slave Dancer found dead in her dressing room with a nailile in her throat Darla confesses to the murder because she thinks Bob did it This is a job Special Agent for the Domestic Eualizers Along with their husbands who learned after their past escapade in NYC that they can t be trusted out of town on their own they hop alight to Nashville to apprehend the real killer After the usual madcap mayhem they typically Sleep with the Fishes find themselves in the truth that is revealed shocks even Edwina who thought she had heard it all I always enjoy anythingrom Dixie Cash FUN READS IN BETWEEN SOMETHING INTENSE reads in between something intense are The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History funny Great book I really enjoyed reading once Iinally had the time to sit down Current wife of Darla's managerex husband So when her rattletrap tour bus gives up the ghost outside tiny Salt Lick Texas the aded NASHVILLE STAR'S THRILLED TO FIND LOYAL FANS AND SYMPATHETIC star's thrilled to ind loyal ans and sympathetic in Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins fans and sympathetic ears in Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins when her nemesis and upstart backup singer Roxie Jo turns up dead in her dressing room which bears an. ,
Darla Denman a aded Nashville country singer is on a comeback tour with her ex husband manager Bob and his new child bride who is supposed to be comeback tour with her ex husband manager Bob and his new child bride who is supposed to be lead in singer While in their dilapidated van heading or a telethon performance they ind themselves stranded in Salt Lick Texas with no money Debbie Sue allows them to stay in her vacant rental home and Edwina allows them to use her husband Vic S Vehicle While He s vehicle while he out of town But the show must go on When the two back up singers bail and accept a ride rom a trucker heading back to Nashville Darla asks Debbie Sue and Edwina to step in The women are excited about being in the show they only have to lip sync but their opportunity is los. When someone makes a killing in the country music business it's time to call in Debbie Sue and Edwina the Domestic Eualizers whose motto is Don't get mad get evidenceThe career of 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate former ueen of Country Music Darla Denman ain't what it used to be No big arenas she's lucky toill a barroom and now she's orced to tour by bus with the detestable Roxie Jo. .

I Cant Make You Love Me but I Can Make You Leave