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E I mentioned in my review of Stealing Light I m a sucker *for a lot of what s on display here Derelicts Deserted planets Alien I m a sucker *for a lot of *what s on display here Derelicts Deserted planets Alien lot of what s on display here Derelicts *s on display here Derelicts Deserted planets Alien lot of what s on display here Derelicts planets Alien More tech than you can shake a stick at The whole galaxy as playground Yes please At times things did seem a tad too convenient Need bigger weapons No problem there s a place I know But this kind of thing I suspect is par for the course given the subject matter of the trilogy which basically boils down to seeded caches of alien technology causing all kinds of ruckusSo I m not going to say a whole lot about this series or this book other than 1 It does read pretty uickly and2 I did enjoy it uite a bitI will likely be reading of Gibson s books We have to get out of hereWe have to get out right now This series has taken me four years to finish reading Don t worry I ll spare you the messy details as to whyI started this series in 2016 at point in my life where reading was my only escape I followed our main heroine Dakota Merrick across the cosmos and in the two previous novels I couldn t put them down Each novel up d the ante every time this novel was no exception to that little motif and there was a budding love story between our two main charactersThe last novel of this trilogy wasn t too bad but it feels like Gibson grew aded by this novel Much of the story drags on and Dakota some how feels less heroic and badass as she was in the previous two books In fact until the very end of this book all I feel is that Dakota is nothing than everyone s number one abuse victim to go and have their stab at being a dick to I feel like this novel dropped a lot of the previous uirks and character developments we had for something that was nothing than a paycheck for Gibson Seeing as I read his novel Extinction Game after the first two novels of this series I expected much the same see and excitement But I didn tI often don t knock things I normally find great enjoyment in things I love and I love Gary Gibson s work but I can t say this one really was that good even on its own it falls flat After thoroughly enjoying books 1 2 the 3rd installment of this trilogy was a real disappointment So much so that I didn t finish it I felt cheated by big How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead jumps in the plot and the complete absence of previously prominent charactersIt isn t badly written but as the final installment of this trilogy it isn t worthy Maybe I ll come back to it but with so many other books on my to read list it can wait a while Another solid book and sci fi epic adventure I m a bit thorn about about the end because I feel that this is where the series could have ended The setup for the next book felt a bit forced so I am a bit intrigued whether the price is worth paying. Her the messages left behind by an ancient race of star travellers Unfortunately Whitecloud is locked in a prison cell aboard a dying coreship adrift in space awaiting execution for war crimes against Corso's own people But if humanity has any hope of survival Corso is going to have to find some way to keep him alive and that's only if Dakota doesn't kill him fir. This finale is a must read if only to cap off the excellent Nova War but unfortunately it was not the strongest of the series It really needed a major new plot point in the middle third some *new world or species to break up a rather tediousourney that added little interest and distinctly *world or species to BREAK UP A RATHER TEDIOUS JOURNEY THAT ADDED LITTLE up a rather tedious ourney that added little and distinctly similar events from the first book However the first and final thirds were both pretty good and Gibson continued to pull in additional ideas and concepts most drawn from established Sci Fi Canon But fi canon but implemented and integrated Previous parallels to Dune were cemented with an epilogue wink to Duncan Idahobut these are all good sources and it was good to seem them told afresh Dakota and a small crew find and deliver to a certain well defended locale an ancient superweapon that ust might stop the Emissaries from destroying much of the galaxy I found myself skipping and skimming because everything here is so predictable and the characters seem to have done all their developing in previo The Shoal Hegemony and the Emissaries of God are locked in a devastating nova war between the Perseus and Orion arms of the Galaxy Hundreds of star systems have been destroyed billions slain The war is starting to move in the direction of human space but the Consortium is riven by in fighting as the Consortium s rulers vie with the Peacekeeper Corps established by Dakota Merrick and Lucas Corso for control of the FTL euipped ancient alien spacecraft Merrick has uncovered a possible way of stopping the war for good but it means forging an alliance with her greatest enemy and embarking on a lengthy trip into the very heart of the warzoneEmpire of Light brings the three volume Shoal Seuence to a conclusion although further books in the same setting are promised Merrick and Lucas achieve their destinies new characters are introduced and others are finally killed off as events reach a head As a conclusion the book works but is not altogether satisfyingIt is an odd unexpectedly uiet book however Given the vast epic events set in motion by the previous volumes it is surprising that most of the book is taken up with a single ourney on a single human built spacecraft across the Galaxy contending with internal factionalism and murder mysteries rather than the vast space battles and politicking of the previous books As a result the book feels mechanical and anti climatic our heroes have to deliver a plot device to a certain location and it pretty much takes care of everything for them at least until the epilogue set centuries later almost always a bad idea informs us that lots stuff is still to come and a bunch of interesting sounding events have been skipped over shades of Alas. The third novel in the Shoal space opera series featuring Dakota Merrick continuing from Stealing Light and Nova WarThe nova war has begun to spread as the Emissaries wage a fierce and reckless campaign encroaching on the area of space occupied by humanity and forcing the Shoal into a desperate retreat While Dakota goes in search of the entity responsible for cre. ,
Empire of Light The Shoal Seuence #3

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Tair Reynolds troubled ending to Absolution Gap As a result although the immediate threat is addressed many of the other narrative and character arcs are given short shriftGibson s prose remains readable and entertaining and the book still has a page turning uality to it but there is definitely the feeling that this book didn t uite live up to expectations Particularly notable is the fact that the cast is suddenly widened in this last book away from the tight focus on Dakota and Lucas *in previous volumes with the newcomers particularly Ty Whitecloud being intriguing and *previous volumes with the newcomers particularly Ty Whitecloud being intriguing and drawn characters but given the limitations of space they are not as developed as much as one might hope In addition the oft mentioned temptations to the dark side that Dakota s immense power has opened up for her don t particularly lead anywhere interesting which feels like a wasted opportunityEmpire of Light is an entertaining book but doesn t fulfil the ambitions laid out earlier in the series Gibson has immense potential however and I look forward to his next project with interest The book is available now in the UK and on import in the USA Now this was a pleasant surpriseAfter the strong beginnings of Stealing Light Gibson s Shoal Seuence story went off the rails a bit In book two his protagonist Dakota Merrick bounces from one torturebeatingimprisonment scene to the next for several chapters before the story proper continues with revelations that FTL travel also doubles as a civilisation ending weaponBy the time Nova War ends and Gibson has the story back on track the Shoal the fish like race who have a monopoly on FTl travel and a vast empire to back their domination up are fighting a losing battle against the implacable Emissaries a relentless genocidally warlike race who will brook no *Negotiation This Is A Good Setup For *This is a good setup for next book but Nova War was tainted by a weak start that dragged on for far far too longNot so in Empire dragged on for far far too longNot so in Empire LightIn Empire of Light Gibson gets things happening from the first chap Lost interest about 20 percent in This was good I m looking forward to book 4 and the last in the series When he closed his eyes all he could see was stars scattered across the void like diamond dustSomething I found particularly interesting about this trilogy was how the ante was upped considerably with each entry This novel which concludes the original Shoal trilogy is no exception with its bigger explosions vaster distances travelled and greater odds to defeat I watched them use the energy of a nova she explained ust to power a signal to a swarm located in another galaxy Both men stared at her in silence for several momentsYes yes The series does have its issues But lik. Ating the Maker caches Corso left in charge of a fleet of human piloted Magi ships finds his authority crumbling in the face of assassination attempts and politically motivated sabotage If any hope exists at all it lies in an abandoned asteroid a thousand light years beyond the Consortium's borders and with Ty Whitecloud the only man alive with the skill to decip.