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The World in my Pocket by James Hadley ChaseView all my reviews My books When I read this in the early 70s I thought this was the best of Chase s novels This is what a real Thriller Is All About The Book Starts is all about The book starts with four guys playing poker Frank Morgan Ed Bleck Alex Kitson and Giuseppe Mandini Or Gypo For Short or gypo for short the leader of the group started to talk about making two hundred grand the three were interested and said what s the plan Morgan told them that they were going to steal the Rocket Research Station s Pay Roll which consisted of a million dollars Kitson was saying it s impossible that he used to work for the truck company who are delivering the pay roll that the truck is the safest truck in the world and did not want to do it so did gypo then Morgan opened the door and let Ginny Gordon in the person who came up with the plan looking at the three she looked at Kitson and said it s a million dollars of course someone s going to get hurt Kitson looked into her eyes and saw something like someone who did not fear anything and just kept uiet after a while of telling them why she came to them Kitson and gypo agreed with the plan Morgan came up with a small plan why she came to them Kitson and gypo agreed with the plan Morgan came up with a small plan see if everybody s got the nerves to go through with the big one robbing the bar at midnight where there would be people After robbing the bar Morgan knew that some of them had some nerve to go through with the plan They made 10 thousand 5 hundred and 75 dollars from the bar after that they started preparing for the big one they got the caravan ready and modified it so that it could hold the weight and the pigs blood to pour all over Ginny so that the driver and guard would think it was an accident The day finally came to execute the plan everybody was nervous but they got over it and started they waited for the driver and guard to come while Ginny was covered in pigs blood faced down on top of the gun surrounded by fire the driver and guard saw it they radioed headuarters and then the guard got out to examine Ginny then he got closer and Ginny took out her gun as soon as. This is the job they have all been waiting for The job that will set them up for life A million dollars split five ways who wouldn't be interested The. .

The World in My PocketShe did that he hit the gun away then Bleck shot his rifle but missed then the guard looked back gun away then Bleck shot his rifle but missed then the guard looked back shot Morgan then Morgan hot back at the guard the bullet hit him right in the head and he died instantly Morgan felt a sharp pain in his ribs he was shot then his uickly shot the driver before the driver fell he pressed the button he was shot then his uickly shot the driver before the driver fell he pressed the button seal the truck They uickly put the ard truck in the caravan and left to Fawn Lake were they would open the truck At fawn lake they opened the window and the driver was still alive he pointed the gun at Morgan Morgan saw it and they both shot each other at the same time the driver died instantly Morgan said ou re on our own now good luck and died The pressure was too much for them so they moved to the mountains so that they could bust the truck open When they woke up Gypo was gone so Kitson and Bleck went searching for Gypo it did not take them long to find him Gypo saw them to so he hid in the bush and started crawling he stopped suddenly and saw a snake as soon as he moved it bit him and he started running he ran into Kitson and said take me soon as he moved it bit him and he started running he ran into Kitson and said take me a hospital I don t want to die like my brother Bleck said no that they would be found out so Kitson and Bleck started fighting by the time they finished fighting Gypo was dead Back at Fawn lake little junior told the cops and army where the truck was and it didn t take them long to find them in the mountain when they saw the aircraft they started running they caught up to Bleck first and threw a grenade killing Bleck instantly then they saw Kitson and Ginny Kitson said Morgan always said the world in my pocket maybe not this world but the next he kissed Ginny and they both jumped off the mountain ledge A heist story Starts incredibly well and peters out at the end This is another Cracker by JHC Four characters with different talents a pretty girl with beautiful body as always attempt to hijack an armoured guard truck carrying three guards and one million dollars is the payoff after many twists and turns can they pull it off The World in My Pocket is an ard car robbery cap. Only catch is that it's the very definition of impossibleor is it Armed with a brilliant plan the four men and one woman think they can crack it But.
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Er that immediately reminds ou of Lionel White s the Big Caper or of many of the capers depicted in Westlake s Parker series This is all about getting a crew together nailing down the plan and pulling it off as well as what doesn t go according to plan It s all about the various characters brought together to pull OFF THE HEIST INCLUDING THE TOUGH RINGLEADER MORGAN THE the heist including the tough ringleader Morgan the the driver and the sniper And of course Ginny the copper headed seductress who came up with the plan and whose mere presence drives the four men wild and at each other s throats this is filled with nonstop action This book is filled with action even though the plot is not uniue Chase does a great job of it throughout and builds the tension throughout the story cranking it up and up and up Terrific pulp crime adventure with not a wrong note anywhere Despite being written in 1958 this is still a pretty good thriller even by modern standards Whilst some of the technology is dated namely radios for communication and a distinct lack of mobile phones and computers it s still a great taleThe plot itself isn t uniue group of people get together for a crime then everything falls apart slowly until a catastrophic climactic ending However the implementation of the plot structure is well done and various gaps in the initial character backgrounds have Khaiye Aur Vajan Ghataiye you flipping pages to find out An enjoyable vintage pulp thriller A re read after almost 30ears and still captivating It was nail gripping 30 Tales from a Pilots Logbook years ago and as tense and gripping today A JHC novel was is and forever will be entertaining Very few writers can entertain and keep the reader engrossed like JHC This novel is about hijacking an ard car robbery by a disparate crew of four ringleader Morgan Safe cracker Gypo Dare devil driver Kitson the sniper Bleck and most important of all the beautiful copper headed seductress and mastermind Ginny Will they be able to pull it off JHC novel is all about the crime never pays but do read to find out Written in theear 1958 it is still a really good read even after all these في الانفصال years 35 stars first novel I have rea. As tensions in the group begin to mount and things start to go wrong the million dollars feels out of reach than ever Even though it is right with the.