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Rats because of a bargain with the devil 18 Mr Testator s VisitationMr Testator lives in an almost empty apartment and during a search into the subterranean cellars for coal he finds a room with furniture in heaps He decides to stealborrow the furniture to fill his empty apartment Then someonesomething visits him 19 A Child s Dream of a StarA child dreams of meeting his late sister in the heavens And this dream recurs for years until his is an old man A story with a single theme yet poetic 20 Well Authenticated RappingsWorst story in this collection A man is haunted from within himself by 3 different inds of rappingsspiritual experiences I just read that this is a satire about food adulteration and the craze for spiritualism in the 1850 s So when I ll now the whole context I would be able to understand and appreciate the story but not today 7 The Haunted Man and the Ghost s BargainThe last Dickens s five novellas for Christmas The first was A Christmas CarolThis is a story that examines a different What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained kind of moral A man wants to forget the sorrow wrong and trouble he hasnownto cancel their remembrance and makes a bargain with a ghost but the result is that he becomes a miser and he s spreading his misery around 6 A Christmas CarolI read this story the 1st time during Christmas 2012 then the 2nd time Last Christmas RIP George and this was the third time I will not exaggerate A Christmas Carol was not just my favourite from this collection but it is my favourite from all Dickens s books I ve read Especially the last chapter where the joy and happiness of a saved man are overflowing I wish the same happiness to everybody and I don t think I need to say anything about this story but to urge you to read it as soon as possible Overall score 3375 Charles Dickens seemed to only write one good story A Christmas carol everything else he wrote was done at a level which could easily be matched by a novice writer If a writer today submitted the stories in this book to a publisher they would be laughed at with no future ahead of them in this industry Each story lacks build up or climax or even an interesting plot And i find the writing below par novice writing bad story telling and honestly not worth reading Read October 2016 on IG with bookishsteph1 pagesandcup booksnot bagfullofbooks EekHouseBuddiesWithATwistFavorite Short Stories The ueer Chair The Bagman s Story The Ghost s of the Mail The Story of the Bagman s Uncle The Haunted House The Signalman Four Ghost Stories The First Story A fascinating and lesser Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic known side of Charles Dickens work is his flair for ghost storiesDickens showed a fascination with ghosts and the macabre and was a masterpiece of this wonderful genreMost wellnown is his ghostly parable A Christmas Carol of the visit to the bitter and tight fist ed miser Ebenezer Scrooge by three ghosts which started the tradition of the ghost story at Christmas Other Christmas ghost stories by Dickens in this volume include the weird and wonderful Christmas Ghosts and The Goblins Who by Dickens in this volume include the weird and wonderful Christmas Ghosts and The Goblins Who a Sexton And another story of redemption by ghosts is The Haunted Man and the Ghost s Bargain From the gruesome Captain Murderer and the Devil s Bargain to the brilliantly humorous The Lawyer and the Ghost and The ueer Chair There is the strange twist in the adventure The Ghosts of the Mail and an examination of insanity and villainy in A Madman s Manuscript Eerie stories of revenge bizarre coincidences and the macabre from a pioneer in modern ghost stories written in beautiful and penetrating English while after one a half centuries still guarantees to thrill and chill While I have read several of these stories before including A Christmas Carol many of them were new to me I prefer Dickens s longer works because he is to me I prefer Dickens s longer works because he is a master of detail and description None of the stories were actually scary but they probably had lots of scariness for the readers way back when Dickens mixes uite a dose of satire into pretty much all his works and these ghost stories are no exceptionI have to comment on one of the stories The Haunted HouseThis one started out uite exciting and even a bit funny Suddenly the main character goes off on a side story and never returns I was uite disappointed because I thought I might claim it as my favorite in this collection Ah wellI had to 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales keep checking this one out of the library because Iept putting it aside to read other things The stories don t really take that long to read What I really liked about this book was the ability to dip into Dickens I recall taking 6 months to read Bleak House and night after night having to retrace my steps one back two forward if I was lucky Some of the stories in this anthology are as short as a single page No danger of nodding off or losing the thread thereAs a bonus Dickens ghosts seem to be possessed hah ha of the author s sense of humour which makes for light reading amidst the often dense text indeed he strikes a fine balance between credibility and mischiefA couple of the stories seemed to veer slightly off the rails perhaps I was missing something and I felt the inclusion of A Christmas Carol 66 pages was a bit of a cheat but this was a padding out decision taken by the publisher and no blame can be attached to the author Sure it s a ghost story but it was the new and varied material that I enjoyed the mostAnd at the usual Wordsworth Classics bargain price it s an old Scrooge that complains when a good read costs less than a regular Starbucks Who doesn t love to read Ghost stories They are all fun and exciting unless of course you re reading them alone in a room at night and getting pretty terrified every time you hear a meo. L traits of Dickens' flamboyant style his subtle wit biting irony humorous incidents and moral observations It is a mixture which makes these stories fascinating and entertaining as well as unsettling To paraphrase the Fat Boy in Pickwick Papers Charles Dickens wants to make your flesh cree. ,

I have a very very strange relationship with Mr Charles Dickens Before I Bloodleaf knew anything about his private life I would read one of his books and love it The next book I read I would dislike Younow the dislike that makes you bang your head against the desk The dislike of nails on a blackboard For instance I love Great Expectations but I can t stand A Tale of Two CitiesDespite my relationship with Dickens s longer novels most of his short fiction especially his ghost stories I have always enjoyed I still enjoy them even though at least in terms of his private life Dickens sounds like a bit of putz I think that is the word I want He thought Little Red Riding Hood was the perfect girl I always thought she was bit slow It s a talking wolf They don t talk You should be running you twitThis collection includes 12 of Dickens best The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle known ghost stories I m not sure that all of them all the best It does include A Christmas Carol the most famous of them all Let s start with that one before it becomes the elephant and the gorilla lurking in the backgroundA Christmas Carol has to be the most overdone over reference over used Dickens story ever The most recent movie version of the tale called it the greatest Christmas story ever This confused me Shouldn t one Christmas story the one about Christ be the greatest Christmas story ever After all that s where we get the name from shakes head A Christmas Carol however is a wonderful story It has wonderful beautiful detail And Vicky you re right Dickens is hilarious My favorite line is Scrooge had often heard it said that Marley had no bowels but he had never believed it until now To be fair to Dickens he does a wonderful job with women in the story as well It is true that we nevernow the names of Bob s wife or Scrooge s niece but they have spirited and are just in their criticism Additionally who doesn t like Mrs Fezziwig Dickens works in much about the human condition industrial evils and the like but there is wonderful joy in the novel and the teller of the story is really a wonderful character as well A very likable character as wellIt s true that the story is overdone How many film versions exist after all You have the Muppets Disney Sim Scott the Lifetime adaptions gag Stewart and others I am no doubt forgetting And then there are the short stories and tv shows What reading or in my case rereading the story does is remind of you two things How good the story is and how good or bad some of the film versions are The best film versions eep all the detail Sim and Stewart stick closely to the novella taking large chunks of dialogue For instance in the Patrick Stewart version Bob picks up the poker to attack the reformed Scrooge Bob thinks at first Scrooge needs to be put in a padded room Even though I have read and seen and heard the story countless times it still reads freshThe rest of the stories in the volume come from Christmas Editions or The Pickwick Papers for the most part The Goblins who volume come from Christmas Editions or The Pickwick Papers for the most part The Goblins who a Sexton is a forerunner of A Christmas Carol and makes an interesting comparison Outside of Carol my favorite tales are The ueer Chair The Baron of Grogzwig The Trial for Murder and The SignalmanThe ueer Chair is one of the funniest ghost stories ever written It truly is The narrator sounds extactly like the man from Carol The Baron of Grogzwig is funny because it comments on marriage and suicide It is rather interesting that it is a story that deals with suicide in a humor filled vein The cynical part of me wonders how much Dickens saw himself in the BaronBoth Trial and Signalman are good tradition ghost stories Signalman has at least inspired one television version an episode of Poltergeist The Legacy Their inclusion brings the ghost story RIGHTLY BACK TO THE SPOOKY AND SHOWS THAT DICKENS back to the spooky and shows that Dickens master humor and terror This was an interesting collection of short stories some considerably shorter than others It was interesting to see that some of the stories had been taken from Dickens full length novels as I couldn t imagine them tying into a longer text in any wayThere were some stories however that I found uite hard to get through in comparison to others When I picked this up it was on Christmas Day specifically so I could read A Christmas Carol even though this was not the first short story in the collection I then went back to the beginning to read the rest I enjoyed A Christmas Carol although it was by no means the best story in the collection My personal favourites were A Madman s Manuscript The Ghost in the Bride s Chamber The Trial for Murder and Captain Murderer and the Devil s Bargain A Child s Dream of a Star was also very melancholy and beautifulIf you like Dickens humorous style of writing I would definitely recommend picking this up You won t always like every story in a collection like this but it s worth reading for the ones you do like This volume comprises a collection of fifteen ghost stories by Dickens As with any collection it is a bit of a mixed bag Some are superlative some are less than mediocre The ueer Chair A man takes shelter in an inn and falls in love with the widowed and moneyed innkeeper who is courted by another man A chair in his room helps him succeed in his uest 5 starsA Madman s Manuscript Story about an abusive man Really boring 1 starThe Goblins who Stole a Sexton A miserly sexton is taught a lesson by goblins on Christmas Eve 3 starsThe Ghosts of the Mail I loved this one A man ept travelling in a coach from a different period and ends up in cahoots with a woman who well read it 5 starsBaron Ko ldwethout s Apparition Another one about an abusive husband who marries out of greed At least this one had so. Throughout his illustrious writing career Charles Dickens often turned his hand to fashioning short pieces of ghostly fiction Even in his first successful work Pickwick Papers you will find five ghost stories all of which are included in this collection Dickens began the tradition of the gh.

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Me character development 2 starsThe Haunted Man and the Ghost s Bargain This was the longest of the book and the worst I am not sure what this was about except for some sick college Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance kid a pure woman who couldn t be touched by evil and a haunted man Boring beyond belief 0 starsTo Be Read at Dusk A woman sees a man s apparition on the eve of her wedding and then the man shows up in person What gives 4 starsThe Ghost in the Bride s Chamber Two men spend a night in an haunted house and encounter a man who narrates the story of a woman abused by her husband 2 starsThe Haunted House A brother and sister move into a haunted house as an experiment It all goes well until the brother changes his room 2 starsThe Trial for Murder The ghost of a man on trialeeps confusing everyone in the courtroom I couldn t Test logiciel en pratique keep track and found this boring 1 starThe Signalman A signalman hears a warning andeeps seeing an apparition signalling him to clear the way He hopes he is able to save a life but finds out that the signals are wrongly interpreted 3 starsChristmas Ghosts Random snippets of ideas for ghost stories which have neither basis nor character building A very lazy effort 1 starThe Lawyer and the Ghost The best of the collection A lawyer persuades a ghost inhabiting a haunted house to leave and find better housing 5 starsFour Ghost Stories Four decent stories set during Christmas time The first three involve apparitions of dead people The fourth one is rather uniue a woman from a noble house sees a dream in which she stands godmother to some little people and is rewarded with some metal which brings the family prosperity and happiness 4 starsThe Portrait Painter s Story This is an elaboration of the first story from Four Ghost Stories mentioned above A portrait painter meets a young woman who insists he do her likeness Only she refuses to sit for him 4 starsMuch of Dickens ghost stories involves apparitions and aren t really scary They are stories about paranormal occurrences than about anything evil or scary This is probably the reason why I didn t enjoy them as much as I might have Of course some of the stories are really good and imaginative but I found many of them a dead bore Even though I rated some of the stories pretty high the overall collection was pretty mediocre I couldn t even finish The Haunted Man and the Ghost s Bargain which took up a large chunk of the pages it was that bad So yeah not the best of books Note The stories are in reading order The numbers indicate their order in the book 1 The ueer Chair The Bagman s StoryChapter 14 from The Pickwick PapersA chair that talks and guides a tired traveller that arrives in an inn 2 A Madman s ManuscriptChapter 11 from The Pickwick PapersRamblings of a crazy man that wants to be proven crazy 3 The Goblins who Stole a SextonChapter 29 from The Pickwick PapersA precursor story to A Christmas Carol where instead of ghosts and spirits we have goblins and instead of a miserable rich man a miserable undertaker sexton who s only joy is drinking and burying 4 The Ghosts of the Mail The Story of The Bagman s uncleChapter 49 from The Pickwick PapersA the Mail The Story of The Bagman s uncleChapter 49 from The Pickwick PapersA story taking place in Edinburgh when a 19th century man finds himself as a passenger on a 18th century mail coach with 18th century people 5 The Baron of GrogzwigChapter 6 from Nicholas NicklebyA Ghost story taking place in Germany ending with an against suicide moral 8 To be Read at DuskThis story confused me a little bit since it was written in the style Of Story Within A story within a Didn t feel like one story but it was a good ghost story 9 A Ghost in the Bride s ChamberChapter 4 from The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices a novella co written by Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens A pretty spooky story with a scary ending also including murders hanging and apparitions 10 The Haunted HouseChapters 1 6 from The Haunted House a portmanteau short story collection co written by Wilkie Collins Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Gaskell and others A ghost story with a sad twist 11 The Trial For Murder To be Taken With a Grain of SaltA banker is invited as a jury member to a trial He s able to see the ghost of the murdered man present all the 10 days of the trial Eerie and enigmatic Doesn t give lot s of answers 12 The SignalmanA railway signalman is haunted by a ghost that its appearance works each time as a premonition of a tragic railway accident With a twist at the end 13 Christmas Ghosts Actually the middle part of a slightly longer story by Dickens called A Christmas Tree It s of a ghost stories catalogue than a story itself Still interesting 14 The Lawyer and the GhostTitle links to a comic strip that actually sums up the story A light comic relief ghost story with a moral not for humans but for ghosts 15 Four Ghost StoriesThe title can story with a moral not for humans but for ghosts 15 Four Ghost StoriesThe title can be obvious Four stories in one It sounds like a Black Friday special offerAnyway the 1st is about an artist who paints a person he never actually metThe 2nd and 3rd are similar both about relatives that appear as ghosts hours before the news of their deathsand the 4th which was the most interesting of the four Felt like a Grimm Fairy Tale 16 The Portrait Painter s StoryThis is actually the 1st story from the previous one Four Ghost Stories with elaborated detail An artist that paints a no living person by memoryrecollection 17 Captain Murderer and the Devil s BargainKeeping up with his usual format x stories in one we see in this story 2 gruesome bed stories that Dickens remembers from his childhood been told by his nurse One is about a bloodthirsty evil man Bluebeard echoes who Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz kills his brides and bakes them into pies and the other one is about a man infested by. Ost story at Christmas and many of his tales in this genre are presented here including the brilliant novella The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain which deserves to be as wellnown as A Christmas Carol While all his supernatural tales aim to chill the spine they are not without the usua.
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