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For instance my Year 2 class following the first chapter read aloud began to design a multitude of inventions and euipment that could be made OUT OF RECYCLED MATERIALS BASED ON of recycled materials based on s creations The areas that this book can relate to and the range of activities that can be based on this story for both KS1 and KS2 make this book a fantastic resource for primary teachers However it must be noted that KS1 and KS2 make this book a fantastic resource for primary teachers However it must be noted that language in the book can occasionally be difficult for younger readers as the prose is at times very dated and does not always follow modern literary conventions Although do not let this put you off as Stig of the Dump is a great read and a fantastic resource 35 stars for us but a classic non the less Lovely idea for a story We enjoyed it but felt it lacked something perhaps it was the style of writing it lacked anything we found poetic or magical There were some nice pieces of humour and interesting parts We felt it left lots unexplained We felt sorry for Stig and kept wondering why Barney didn t take him a coat or boots or a sleeping bag or some nice hot food Read this probably 35 years ago The scene that stuck in my mind was Barney taking Stig am ars and the way they were made into a window We liked the caveman s observation that killing a fox was pointless as they taste bad and the way he says this through mime Our copy had beautiful Edward Ardizzone illustrations always a bonus My son LOVED this when he was a kid I picked it up curious to find out why it being the Daily Deal at Audibleuk 2019 05 30I have given it three stars but for kids or young adult readers I highly recommend it It s fun It s exciting It s amusing It teaches the value of creative thought imagination generosity and sharing of doing things out in the fresh air together with friends It will have your kids making things out of scraps and odds and ends It speaks of frien I remember this fondly from when I was a little boyRIP Clive KingStig of the Dump has never been out of print and has sold than 2 million copies since it was published in 1963 Another great book from my school days Stig Of The Dump was adapted into a mini series on TV and I used to rush home from school to watch it This was before even video recording was available to the public so one had to watch it while is was airing I had an evening paper round and at least once a week blame Stig Of The Dump I was very late Shop keeper never understood I lied and told him I had chess club which was half true but on a different da. Ether raid the rubbish dump at the bottom of the pit improve Stig's cave dwelling and enjoy a series of adventure.

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Stig of the DumpAnother fabulous wallow in childhood nostalgia All the children s books I m currently reading are ones I Read Aged 8 10 And aged 8 10 and never forgotten the stories had such an impact on my youthful self Why oh why did it take me so long to abe able to read and bspend time with Stig and Barney I really enjoyed this book from the outset and it was all due to Clive King s engaging writing style and voice How effortlessly he captures Barney s childlike disposition alongside the beauty and rare magic of the North Downs how can you not but captures Barney s childlike "DISPOSITION ALONGSIDE THE BEAUTY AND RARE "alongside the beauty and rare of the North Downs how can you not but the scene when Barney and Lou cross paths with the stag Barney s adventures with his thought to be imaginary friend Stig are led by his inuisitiveness and wholly absorbing need to play the idea of a child escaping to the local dump or wasteland alone now would cause many a raised eyebrow yet in my own youth the raised eyebrow would come to the child who did not do this Unphased by who Stig might be or where he came from Barney wants to help and support his friend with adapting his home in the dump hunting and enjoying his time playing and learning with and from him Stig s role in the story is a fascinating one Barney does not rely on him at all times and it is interesting that he only visits his friend when he s over at his grandparents It is only when Barney is bored in danger and wanting to roleplay that he calls upon his friend There is to this I think Although stone sage Stig is a wonderful creation the real draw for me was Barney I found him completely endearing innocent trusting the robbers explorative creative funny and kind He was a boy who could recall his grandfather s words of wisdom My Grandfather always says wood warms you twice once when you cut it and once when you burn it and when threatened and brought close to tears by the Snarget brothers would look to his Granny for love and support a sensitive boy who wonders and uestions the world he inhabits Who wouldn t want a Barney in their life Edward Ardizzone s illustrations bring not only Stig to life but Barney and his sister Lou too I am aware that Stig of the Dump has been reprinted often and even adapted for television but for me the chemistry of Ardizzone and King is unbeatable and I won t bother looking anywhere else if I want to go off on an adventure with Barney again A delightfully little story about a eight year old boy Barney He is a curious boy with a desire to explore and is told not to go too close to the edge of the uarry He does get too close though. Barney is a solitary eight year old given to wandering off by himself One day he tumbles over lands in a sort of. ,

And falls down to the Bottom He Lands In A He lands in a cut into the chalk and there looking at him is a short hairy the chalk and there looking at him is a short hairy with sparkling black eyes and wearing animal furs The start to communicate using gestures and grunt and barney decides to call him Stig And so begins a series of adventures with his new friend "They Raid The Rubbish Dump At The Bottom Disturb A "raid the rubbish dump at the bottom disturb a hunt and capture an escaped animal from a circus amongst other scrapesPart of a challenge where you had to read a book from your childhood this was one that I had fond memories of and amazingly I could still remember details of the story several decades on Timeless storytelling at its best Generally I enjoy the post war optimism of children s books from either POST WWI or post WWII think Swallows and s or Narnia Compared to modern day children s books they tend to be about the adventure rather than about being relatable and about life How boring Stig of the Dump has that post war optimism but doesn t uite do it for me It s a little too closed off a little too small Written nicely I ust feel it had so much to give and never uite got around to it This book surprised me I was expecting it to be a simple fun mildly enjoyable read which I would have better appreciated had I read it at 9 years old which is when everyone else seemed to read it Instead I was wowed by the levels of humour and social commentary and astute observation and depth within this storyI love it when children s books show insights into how kids minds work so often they are so focused on the child being a strong person that the odd little uirks and vulnerabilities and irrationalities of childhood are overlooked But Barney is a simply an incredibly believable child clearly written by someone very familiar with children For instance he hides in a tree one day finding great amusement that his grandmother and older sister can t find him he keeps Stig of the dump is a fantastic read for children and adults alike it is a brilliant book to read aloud to both KS1 and KS2 children and as an independent read for KS2 level The book tackles a wealth of issues within the story and focuses on morality and ethics from the 60 s that are still relevant to modern day children The story can be used to discuss friendship bullying right from wrong stealing lying inventions adventure ingenuity and recycling and language barriers A variety of activities can be based on sections of the story and incorporate elements of literacy history PSHE and art and design. Cave and meets' somebody with shaggy hair wearing a rabbit skin and speaking in grunts He names him Stig They tog.

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